Writing a letter to my best friend

Write them an update on your life. I love you more today than I did You Know Who I Am Date: Also, if your letter is delayed for some reason, your best friend will know when you wrote it. Think about the qualities you admire in your friend. Thank you for making fun of me, even when I am embarrassed for making a fool of myself.

An Open Letter to My Best Friend From: You Know Who I Am Date: So many people say that they have the absolute friehd friend but I know that cannot be true, because the very best one is mine. It's not very common to find someone who hates you at first, but develops into the person that means more to frieend than any other. And you are that person for me.

Writing a letter to my best friend

Thank you for unfortunately literally making me laugh so hard that I pee my pants, with your idiotic jokes and completely inappropriate but still extremely funny humor. Since we've source friends, there has not been a single day in which we did not have contact with eachother. There's always something too exciting or hilarious happening that needs to be shared with the other.

Writing a letter to my best friend

Thank you making me laugh so hard that I cry, and also making me laugh when I want to cry. Thank you for letting our friendship be known.

I hope you had fun reading this letter. For example, if you have a new crush, let them know. For example, if your friend loves daisies, try to find stationary with a border of daisies. In the top left hand corner, write your writing a letter to my best friend name lftter address. I have shared my dreams, my fav songs, my dry sense of humor with you, for you the only one who laughs sincerely at my jokes, understands my words and my greek songs, tell me how I can live without you?

There is nothing I value more than my relationship with you, and it seems that everyone knows that. Thank you lteter sticking by my side, even if we don't see eachother as much as we did before, and for never forgetting about me. I appreciate that more than you could ever know. Thank you for listening to bad news that I was not supposed to share with anyone, but I still shared with you.

  • Fun questions you could ask include:
  • This will sweeten up your letter, and remind your best friend of you.
  • It's hard sometimes to say these things in person, even to a best friend, so I'm writing you this letter to say it for me.

Thank you for understanding that sometimes things are warped in my head, but that I will soon realize how crazy I sound. Thank you for letting me feel like part of your family.

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I practically say "I'm home," when I walk in the front door of your beautiful house and am greeted by your mom with a hug. Thank you for sharing your adorable nieces with me, since I don't have any of my own.

I did every possible thing to make you happy, I remember when we went on our first trip how bliss we were, how adventurous you were, how much trust you have given me, walking on the beach in an isolated area made me trust forever that your love is my right correct thing I have ever done in my life, giving me that warm hug that day each time reassured the trust and the love I felt toward you, walking holding your hand in Cons in our second trip while watching your magical smiles made me forget that I'm a stranger walking in foreign and dangerous streets, I liked to watch you enjoying your time in that Ottoman place and visualizing you as only a princess belonging to that era because your beauty depicts how unprecedented and unique you are. Think about things your friend likes. Ask them questions, and let them know your answers to those questions. Spray a few times over the page, but don't soak the paper.

And thank you also, for treating my siblings like your own. They love when you're over, even if they don't fully express it all the lwtter, and constantly bring you up in our conversations, because you are a part of our family.

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Thank you for giving me memories, which are now funny stories to bore my Grandma with on long car rides because it was a "you had to be there" type of thing. Thank you for helping me realize when I am being oblivious to the obvious, even when I get upset hearing the truth. Never stop friendd me the truth, because I need to hear it.

Thank you for fighting with me like ti sister.

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As much as small arguments suck, they only bring us closer together and make me realize just how much I cherish you. Thank you for making fun letted me, even when I am embarrassed for making a fool of myself. Thank you for being my person. There is no one on this Earth I connect with more than you, and I will love you as my best friend forever.


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