Letter writing to a friend in


Of course, they share their thoughts on the cities and countries where they live or where they have been. Sample letters with references to countries, cities, and other places.

Did something new happen in your life? I have met a lot of interesting people and I have made some new friends. Well, I have chosen Biology and Chemistry. The kids in my class are very friendly. For example, "Dearest [name]," "My [name]" or "Sweet [name].

I am in the capital of England — in London. My parents and I always dreamt about seeing this nice city. There are a lot of beautiful old buildings. There are the models of famous people from pop stars to prime ministers made from wax in this museum. They look like real.

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My parents and I are walking on Trafalgar Square now. By the way, I sent you writinb postcard with a picture of Trafalgar Square.

Letter writing to a friend in

We took much photos. I will tell you all about it.

Letter writing to a friend in

I have been in New York for two weeks and I have done millions of exciting things. I have met a lot of interesting people and I have made some new friends.

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I have visited Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park and Statue of Liberty. Maybe rfiend will be able to meet one day? I have a great news! My parents allowed me to go to Italy for two weeks! It was a great time. Friemd me tell you how I spent that amazing journey.

My sister and I stayed in a nice hotel in the centre of Rome. The room was convenient and there was a great view from the windows. Every day we enjoyed tasty cuisine, had fun at discos and swam in the large lether. During ten days we visited a lot of wonderful places such as Colosseum, Pantheon, Rriend Fountain.

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We really appreciated being there because of all the amazing sights and experiences we had. I could write more but I really need to go.

  • I am sure we will be friends forever.
  • I've already made some new friends and often meet after classes.
  • I am sure we will be friends forever.

Hope we will meet soon. I'm glad that you're taking part in the conference about Russia!

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The history of my native country is great! Russia is famous for its achievements and outstanding personalities. As for wrlting most important events in the history of Russia, it's The Great Patriotic War. Russian people fought for their letter writing to a friend in and happiness of future generations. I think that Russian commander G. Zhukov who took part in the war of is really a great figure in our wrifing Besides, my town is related to the great past of Russia.

It was the place of terrible battles during the war.


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