What is the process of writing


Questioning In groups, the idea is to generate lots of questions about the topic. This helps students focus upon audience as they consider what the reader needs to know.

Prewriting is anything you do before you write a draft of your document. Do you need more vivid details to help clarify your work? According to Richard Fulkerson's article "Four Philosophies of Composition", the focus of expressivism is for writers to have " Ideas — add, delete, or change details, develop the topic Organization — change the lead or conclusion, add smooth transitions, move sentences or paragraphs Voice — talk right to the reader Word Choice — change weak verbs to strong verbs, what is the process of writing vague language to precise language Sentence — add words and phrases to expand sentences, change sentence beginnings to vary beginnings, move words and phrases within a sentence to vary sentences, combine sentences to vary sentences. Make sure you keep your notes even after your book is published — there may be the seeds for your next story as well. Here are five steps towards creating or identifying your what is the process of writing writing process.

The answers to these questions will form the basis to the composition. Discussion and debate The teacher helps students with topics, helping them develop ideas in a positive and encouraging way. Focusing ideas Fast writing The students write quickly on a topic for five to ten minutes without worrying about correct language or punctuation.

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Writing as quickly as possible, if they cannot think of a word they leave a space or write it in their own language. The important thing is to keep writing. Later this text is revised.

The Writing Process

Group link Working together in groups, sharing ideas. This collaborative writing is especially valuable wditing it involves other skills speaking in particular. Changing viewpoints A good writing activity to follow a role-play or storytelling activity.

Varying form Similar to the activity above, but instead of different viewpoints, different text process are selected. How would the text be different if it were written as a letter, or a newspaper article, etc.

Evaluating, Structuring and Editing Ordering Students take the notes written in one of the pre-writing activities above and organise them. What would come first? Here it is good to tell them to start with information known to the reader before moving onto what the reader does not know.

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Self-editing A oof writer must learn how to evaluate their own language - to improve through checking their own text, looking for errors, structure. This way students will become better writers. Peer editing and proof-reading Here, the texts are interchanged and the evaluation is done learn more here other students.

What is the process of writing

In proccess real more info, it is common for writers to ask friends and colleagues to check texts for spelling, etc. You could also ask the students to reduce the texts, to edit them, concentrating on the most important information. The importance of feedback It takes a lot of what is the process of writing and effort to write, and so it is only fair that student writing is responded to suitably.

Positive comments can help build student confidence and create good feeling for the next writing class.

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It also helps if the reader is more than just the teacher. Class magazines, swapping letters with other classes, etc.

  • Historical approaches to composition and process[ edit ] An historical response to process is concerned primarily with the manner in which writing has been shaped and governed by historical and social forces.
  • Nothing that you write is wasted, because it all contributes to your growth as a writer.
  • Are your readers experiencing information overload?

Writing as communication Process writing is a move away from students writing to test their language towards the communication of ideas, what is the process of writing and experiences. It requires that more classroom time is spent on writing, but as the previously outlined activities show, fo is more than just writing happening during a session dedicated to process writing. Potential problems Writing is a complex process and can lead to wrtiing frustration. As with speaking, it is necessary to provide a supportive environment for the students and be patient.

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This approach needs that more time be spent on writing in class, but as you have seen, not all classroom time is spent actually writing. Students may also react negatively to reworking the same material, but as long as the activities are varied and the objectives clear, then they will usually accept doing so.

In the long term, you and your students will start to recognise the value of a process writing approach as their written work improves. Further Reading Hedge T Writing Oxford University Press Krashen SD Writing: Research, theory and applications Pergamon Press Kroll B Second Language Writing:


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