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Shareholdersunite Summary Memory markets, this web page DRAM and NAND flash, oj very tight with prices having shot up this year, boosting Micron's bottom line significantly. It's surprising that these wjat are growing in price, but hardly in volume and this should give some food for thought. As is to be expected, familiar cyclical forces are likely to exert themselves in the form of a wave of capex that is already on the horizon.

Valuation metrics compared to the previous upturn suggest that Micron shares still have some room to run but the end of the party is coming into focus. Micron MU has had a terrific run on the back of surging DRAM and NAND flash prices. But, as we argued in an earlier articlethe market is now sort of pausing to get clues on what will happen next. On the one hand there are reasons to think that this time will be different. That is, there are reasons to believe that at least some of the cyclical nature of Micron's end markets have been taken out for the discussion of these, see the previous article: Demand for DRAM is expanding to ever more sectors and devices.

Demand for non-volatile memory like "What is extended writing on the wall" flash is expanding.

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These new markets take some of the seasonality out of memory markets. The industry is actively trying to manage the cyclical part.

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Consolidation in the market. NAND flash expansion is hampered by complex technology.

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Micron itself is trying to grow non-cyclical businesses. Cost reductions can outpace price reductions. However, wriring markets are still prone to at least some degree of cyclical up and downswings, and there are bears who see the end of the cycle coming into focus. Here is a report from IC Insights, per EETimes: DRAM ASPs are projected to increase by 63 percent this year, while NAND ASPs are expected to grow by 33 percent, according to IC Insights. These numbers would mark record ASP growth for each category, the firm said. IC Insights Scottsdale, Ariz. They added the following figure: The party might already be as good as over for 3D NAND flash.

IC Insights expects not only the price increases to taper off they are already doing just that, as you extendec see in the figure but also expects all major players to ramp up capital expenditures in the next couple of years. IC Insights also argues that new Chinese players might enter the market and that all this is putting the likelihood of overcapacity in the market for 3D NAND over the next few year very high Well, visit web page thing bulls might argue that it takes a considerable click here of time for that capacity to come online so these markets will remain tight for a good while.

They might also argue as we have that 3D NAND is a difficult technology to master even Micron itself struggled a bit here so we'll have to see how the Chinese cope with that. But then there is another thing that is quite noteworthy in that IC Insights report. It turns out that this year, the record sales in both DRAM as NAND flash are all driven by price, not volume: DRAM unit shipments are actually expected to decline while NAND shipments wha expected to increase by only about 2 percent, IC Insights said.

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Now, bulls can argue this away or even take it as a positive: And then they could teh out the many more uses of DRAM and NAND flash, which wxtended going into ever more devices automotive, IoT, etc. While that is undoubtedly true, we're not so sure anymore of its validity in terms of constituting a bull case. That's because this dhat also be true this year while actual shipments are basically flat. More what is extended writing on the wall is this, though from EETimes: Andrew Norwoodresearch vice president at Gartner, said the memory market boom should last until before heading for a down cycle.

Exclusive insights extrnded technology around the world. The Om company will also commit 6 trillion won to expand production in Hwaseong And at least some of that capex is coming on line next year, from Market Realist: The DRAM market is currently facing a supply shortage since Samsung SSNLF and SK Hynix are operating on older processors. Goldman Sachs noted that capital spending in DRAM equipment rose extedned However, that capacity is unlikely to come online before And more NAND flash supply is also coming into play: Most suppliers will begin volume production of layer 3D NAND chips in the second half of Samsung will start producing layer 3D NAND at its new plant in South Korea by July The joint venture between Toshiba TOSBF and Western Digital WDC has started sampling layer products and plans to start mass production in etxended second half of SK Hynix recently kn its layer 3D NAND products and plans to start mass production in the second half of Not only is capex likely to increase in a material way, but competitors are also not sitting still in terms of product improvements.

Take for instance Toshiba from EE News Europe: Toshiba has announced that it has developed a 4-bit per cell version of a layer 3D-NAND flash memory and has produced a layer version of a 3-bit see more cell 3D-NAND.

The company said it intends to combine the two in future high capacity devices. What should investors do? This isn't simple to answer. On the one hand there are clear skies on the horizon, but it's difficult to say with what speed they are traveling. Also, it was always fairly silly to assume companies were not going to invest heavily in what surely counts as one of the tightest memory markets in recent history. After all, that's what they have always done and we see no reason to assume this time will be different.

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On the other hand, the tight situation is likely to endure for a quarter at the minimum, and wzll could very well extend for a couple of quarters beyond that. Another thing to notice is that what is extended writing on the wall stock valuation hasn't quite reached the valuation of previous peaks, and while this one seems considerably bigger already.

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In the figure below you see that Micron hasn't yet reached the valuation heights of the previous memory ls either. Conclusion Wditing much higher can Micron shares go? Well, based on the strength of the memory market and valuation metrics compared to the previous cyclical upturn in memory markets, we would say that there is quite a bit of room left for the shares to run.

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  • NAND flash expansion is hampered by complex technology.
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There are also some structural tailwinds that are likely to shave at least some of the cyclical rough edges off of the stock. However, the markets are so tight that a reaction was always going to happen. Since the memory markets' tightness is particularly notable this time, the reaction in the form of a new wave of capex is also likely to be shat vigorous.

What is extended writing on the wall

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