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I was tremendously excited to start a journal of my own; however, once I sat down to write, not a single word came things to write in my journal about. I had no idea where to begin. I had hit a tremendous barrier: But I chose not to; Click was destined to start journaling. I then had the idea of looking at some other journals around the web, figuring it would give me the thinys I needed to kick things wrjte. As I read the written accounts I loved to admire, I simultaneously jotted down some ideas for what I wanted to include in my journal.

It will help you to see the bigger picture more clearly instead of tl on a small part of the task at hand. Use Monthly Themes If you cannot come up with a specific idea, think about themes that are present during each month of the year. Be an icicle that becomes water. Write about going back to school after summer vacation. Write a short biography of your father. Name one thing you like about yourself and why you like it.

This process allowed me to come with my own list of things I should be writing down in my journal. When the most varied topics presented themselves, I felt stupid for not thinking of fo before. It was so obvious what sort of things I should write about. The things were so in front of me that I became johrnal to them.

Since I know that many face the same issue I did, here are some ideas I gathered of what to journal about. I hope they help you get started. My Day One journal is the place where I jot down my feelings of joy and anger, hope and despair, excitement and depression, love and sadness. Inn I feel that what currently is on my mind is of some sort of importance to me as a person, I write it down.

Journaling my innermost thoughts ensures me that I will remember what I once believed was of true value to me. It enables me to look back and understand how I evolved and developed as a person. Things That Impacted You: Events, Articles, Quotes, Ideas Using your journal to visit web page not tihngs on your personal thoughts, but on things that deeply things to write in my journal about you is a great idea.

Sometimes you read a quote or article, and hear about an idea of philisophy that you relate to; your journal is an ideal place for you to reflect upon these.

Things to write in my journal about

Because, truth be told, most jlurnal the times the important component is not the quote or article itself, but what impact that particular things had in your life. Goals You Wish to Achieve Your Day One journal is a great place to store the goals you want to achieve. This makes my journal an incredibly useful tool jounral empowers me to review my goals and objectives from a more critical standpoint, given I can see how my objectives change throughout my life.

It is definetely a curious exercise to track the change in your priorities as time and context alter.

Your Impressions on Movies, Books, Music Triggered by the advent of tags in the Day One—more on tags and journal organization on part four of the series—I started to use my journal a full-fledged Book, Movie, and Music Journal as well. It blew my mind the first time I sat down to really think about a movie. Sometime there are just some moments in too life—a hug, a kiss, a goodbye—that while at a glance may seem irrelevant, have a long-lasting importance for you.

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Writing a bit about the moment, or even taking a picture of it, eternalizes it for you. Memorable Meals This is really self-explanatory, and goes along here much with memorable moments. Sometimes you just eat something so good, or that felt really good, that you want to remember it.

A simple two sentence journal entry about it is all that you need here. Places You Visited Recording places that triggered special memories when you visited them can also be something great to include in your Day One journal.

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Being able to take pictures, geotag them, and add a personal explanation of what you thought of a place is the gold standard for remembering a travelling experience, or location, forever. Drawing the Line It is clear by now the numerous things you can put on your journal. The hard part though, is chosing what not to put thinngs it.

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Drawing the line for what your journal should be a container for becomes a crucial excercise for its relevance in the future. In my case for instance, Things to write in my journal about see my Day One journal as a place to place things that I hold dear to my heart. I do not see Day One as a place to put information such as how my stocks fared that day, or how many new twitter followers I got. And here is where lies the beauty of a personal journal, it can become whatever you want it to become.

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