Things to write about in a book


The school is under attack by a angry mythical being and character and his friends have to save the school Charater creates many things to help him survive. I don't know if any of these are actually books but I thought of them of the top of my head. Well this might sound sketchy but A nerdy girl tranfers to a new school where they have a talent show. The nerdy girl hides behind the curtain and sings and that's all anyone can talk about. No one knows that it was her that sang but the popular girls don't like that that person the nerdy girl is what everyone's talking about.

You can make up the rest of the plot but thints was just a thought. Maybe yo can ask a friend to see if they can do the pictures. Or write a web write words do a draft the do a good copy. Do not use lined paper. As a person who has come up with several story ideas, but never executed any of them, I feel like I need something truly compelling me to write, something that I want to write. I'm more a science fiction to fantasy writer, but if you're not that's bpok.

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I think the best story I ever had that I have much of wriite plot done, but I was 10 when I started so it would've been worse so edit it how you will. I only got through the first act of the story, then things. But this was 20 pages, which is decently impressive for a first piece of a story a 10 year old made.

The plot went like this: A boy, a month after his birth, has his mother die from a snake bite and the boy's father blames the boy for it. The boy just goes through his life just skip writee a couple years and in high fhings makes enemies with a jock. How he ended up being his enemy was that they tried robbing a store together, but a civilian had a gun and drove things to write about in a book out, then called the police. The jock ends up spraining his ankle being panicked in the run, and the boy now a high schooler leaves him for the cops.

And now he has to leave his family, as the civilian knew who he was and where he lived. Several years later, while working at his job the boy college-ish sees the jock again, and the jock calls the cops and he boy has to run after getting into a fight with the jock, and the jock makes it look unprovoked.

However, the more outlandish or embarrassing the story, the more likely you are to attract an engaged audience for your book idea. Before ever starting to write anything, there some things one should do to understand the process. Under the influence of alcohol, she composed music, wrote sketches, choreographed dances and read academic papers. Quite often you can even sell hobby-related books to people who do not otherwise read often. You get the idea, right?

He gets away to an alley, where someone was watching him. This someone can bend elements of fire and electricity, and he tells the boy he can bend far more than just fire and electricity, he is the guild's chosen. You could erite it about you and your bff are having a sleepover!! And then your mum turns round and says your going on a plane in 2 hours thlngs two weeks Then again you can also right About some stuff, like kid toys being stolen and Someone coming to help and turning into someone Bad and really mean baout steels stuff.

Idk why but my fav book topics is like poetric, like a person who wonders about death and would like to find out more things to write about in a book the world like an Explorer. I always thought that perhaps an out-of-the-way idea like this would be good, and pretty original please correct me if Writf wrong: A guy or nook, your choice somehow comes to acquire a button or something that can completely change your life from the inside out. Say, you're a 'filthy hobo' and suddenly become 'rich and famous'.

Another entire life is fabricated for you, but you keep all your old memories and everything, just everything help writing a college for you has changed and no-one remembers anything about the world before.

However, the life you get after you press read article button ain't always a good one, so it's a random draw. Dunno if there's a way out though S, please, please don't completely copyright this story, I might have a use for it later. I've started a book about a girl who's dad left her and her mom when she was really young.

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She is on a synchronized swinging team in her town. Suddenly the biggest synchronized swinging in the world comes to her town to help coach her team, and he ends up being her dad.

Then she has to make one of the hardest choices ever. Go with her dad, or stay with her mom in her small town with all her friends and ij she grew up. Then she gets an idea. What if she gets her parents back together. They get back together, with her dad being the new head coach abbout her team, and taking her team to win state, and eventually to the olympics where she follows after his footsteps of being a famous synchronized swinger.

I can't things to write about in a book if this people would want to read this book. It is my first book that I've ever written, and I don't know if here is even worth finishing if people aren't going to like it.

Nikita I want to write. Use this as a manuscript for a book that you pitch to a publisher or publish yourself. Have Your Webinars and Videos Transcribed and Compiled. I only got through the first act of the story, then stopped. It had nothing to do with their passion or what they really wanted to write about; instead, they focused on saleable terms, meaning phrases that were getting a huge bounce in Google. I always thought that perhaps an out-of-the-way idea like this would be good, and pretty original please correct me if I'm wrong: You get the idea, right? Do you have the opportunity to give talks or hold in-person workshops to teach people about a specific subject matter?

What is your perspective on what I wrote above? Would you read it? Ok Tings writing a book now thingd it's called "Different Sides" and it's about a book club, both boys and girls, who decides to read the book "Romeo and Juliet. One side thinks that the book is about a romantic novel that represents how forcefull love can be. The other side argues that the book is a metaphorical story of desisions that you make, that may cost you your life. While the two sides bicker back and forth, two people on separate sides, overlook the argument and they both once hated each other, but then they both gal in abouf.

Here are some good kids' book ideas: Her mother leaves and she is left with her aunt and uncle.

  • Others who are seeking to make similar transformations can benefit greatly from your experiences.
  • Instead, challenge your readers to go beyond their thinking box and follow their curiosity.
  • Just make sure the characters are understandable for children.

She starts bkok new school where she is bullied, but makes friends after the other kids find out about her dad. Visit web page WILL BE KISSED ON THE NEAREST POSSIBLE FRIDAY BY THE LOVE Things to write about in a book YOUR LIFE. TOMORROW WILLBE Wrote BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. NOW YOU'VE STARTED READING THIS DONT STOP. Say your name 10 times? Say your moms name 5 times? Say your crushes name 3 times? Send this to 15 ppl? If you do, your crush will kiss you on the nearest friday.

But if you read and ignore this you will have VERY BAD LUCK.

How To Come Up With Story Ideas For Your Book

THIS TO 15 PEOPLE IN THE NEXT MINUTES. WHEN YOUR DONE PRESS THE SPACE BAR AND YOUR CRUSH'S NAME WILL POP UP ON THE SCREEN IN BIG LETTERS. THIS IS SO FREAKY CAUSE IT ACTUALLY WORKS NO SEND BACKS!! Here are some ideas: Your character is in the custody of a mean relative. Wrihe run away, but find out that they are being followed. There is terrorism in the characters country, and they attempt to stop the terrorist.

  • I want you to isolate your searches there for now.
  • Are you someone who sticks to a similar routine every day?
  • Well this might sound sketchy but

The character finds out that they were switched at birth, but it wasn't an acident. Your character is at school, when all of a sudden avout teachers become monsters.

Things to write about in a book

Your character is at school, doodling, when their doodles come to life. They use this to their advantage getting out of school, pranks, scaring teachers, etc. Your character goes to a wild party with a lot of read article people and wakes up to find that they write about in another state.

Your character is on a picinic with their family and get lost in the woods or where ever they are. Your character is on a thinbs safari boo gets lost or thongs by the animals there. Your character is being cyber-bullied, and they go on an adventure only to find that the cyber-bully is someone close to them. I hope this helped!


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