Good things to write a book about


No matter the case, you came to the right article. Getting an idea for a book might take a while, click these few steps can give you a head start as a young writer.

Most of us have built up a wealth of life experiences. The difference with writing a book for kids is that everything must be presented in a way that is appropriate and engaging for readers. Just make sure the characters are understandable for children. It sure did to me and Will Ferrell. It has been my lifelong dream to become an author. And if you have no luck with agents probably via AgentHunter.

Steps Turning your ideas into writing 1 Write a book with just about anything. For example, you can write about your Aunt Edna: Aunt Edna was always acting private. You could maybe just relaxdo everyday wriye, and just let the idea pop up in your mind one day.

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Z the first step if you need to write right away. Become a detective looking for clues, a shopper searching for ham, or an old lady trying to find her glasses. Use your imagination and let your creativity flow.

Good things to write a book about

If you love to swim, you could go for a swim, and while you are swimming, you could think about how to incorporate your love of swimming into a story. Maybe the main character of the book loves to swim, arite the story could take place at a swimming pool. Try it out, and be creative!

You never know what you can come up with! How would this happen? Does that make sense? Where would that happen?

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Write down lots of answers and choose your favorite! Part 2 Free writing 1 Gather your ideas together in your head. Write them down on paper in dot point form if that helps you to visualize them and play around with them.

Simply write whatever comes to your mind, being inspired by the ideas. Take a break from the work. Read through the work.

Now get to editing it and shaping it into a real piece of writing. From the first tidy-up, things should start getting a lot easier and you'll soon be in the flow.

Now this may not be how you would ever consider writing a book, but there are merits to this methodology: If you were telling someone thints own story, what would it consist of? What to Write About? Dunno if there's a way out though Determined to discover her best friend's killer, the woman sets out to find the police detective who had been assigned to the case.


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