The best day i ever had essay


American Authors - Best Day Of My Life

The best day of my life was more info birthday this year. My birthday is 8 March. That day, I had a part time job.

Then I understood that they would hold a surprise party. When I was in the house, the light was turned off.

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And then my friends let off firecrackers. They said happy birthday to me. I was very surprised.

The best day i ever had essay

They had made birthday cake. It was a good cake, but it was tofu, and the cake was covered the whole surface of the tofu with cream. I got tricked by my friends.

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After that, I dived into the Tofu cake face first, so my face was covered with cream. We laughed a lot.

I had gotten a lot of presents from my friends. The presents was powder of Takoyaki, Calorie Mate, baseball cap, instant noodle, band-aids, color pencils, and a lot of things.

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But the presents beest rag-bag from everyone, when I listened to them, I wondered if they were crazy or something. After that, some more people came to the house, we started to drink. I had a very special birthday, I thought that coming to my birthday is more special than my birthday.

Next day, there was my circle activity, and my circle members celebrated my birthday. Then I also got tofu from them.


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