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This page is brought to you by the OWL at Purdue https: When printing this page, you must include the entire legal notice at bottom. Types of Outlines and Samples This resource is enhanced by a PowerPoint file. Download the free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer Alphanumeric Outlines This is the most common type of outline and usually instantly recognizable to most people. The formatting follows these characters, in this order: Roman Numerals Arabic Numerals Lowercase Letters If the outline needs to subdivide beyond these divisions, use Arabic numerals inside parentheses and then lowercase letters inside parentheses.

Select the simple sample outline for an essay Outlines" PDF in the Media Box above to download the sample of this outline. The sample Click here in the Media Box above is an example of an outline that a student might create before writing an essay. In order to organize her thoughts and make sure that she simple sample outline for an essay not forgotten any key points that she wants to address, she creates the outline as a framework for her essay. Esswy is the assignment. Your instructor asks the class to write an expository explanatory essay outlinw the typical steps a high school student would follow in order to apply to college.

What is the purpose of this essay. To explain the process for applying to college Who is the intended audience for this essay. High school students intending to apply to college and their parents What is the essay's thesis statement. When applying to college, a student follows a rssay process which includes choosing the right schools and preparing the application materials. Full Sentence Outlines The full sentence outline format is essentially the same as the Alphanumeric outline.

The main difference as the title suggests is that full sentences are required at each level of the outline. This outline is most often used when preparing a traditional essay. Decimal Outlines The decimal outline is similar in format to the alphanumeric outline. The added benefit is a system of decimal notation that clearly shows how every level of the outline relates to the larger whole..

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The Common Application Announces Essay Prompts Feb 06, The Common Application Announces Essay Prompts We are pleased to share the Common Application fr prompts with you. The changes you see below reflect the feedback of Common Quedtions member colleges and more than 5, other Common App constituents, as well as consultation with our advisory committees and Board of Directors. You Have a Story to Tell. Colleges Want to Read It. In addition, the narrative comments we received helped us see areas for improvement in three of the prompts.

Working in close consultation with the counselors and admission officers on our advisory committees, we revised these prompts in a way that we believe will help students see expanded opportunities for expressing themselves. Those revisions appear in italics. You will also notice two new prompts. The first asks students to share examples of their intellectual curiosity.

The second is a return to inviting students to submit an essay on a topic of their choice, reframed to help students understand that they are welcome to draw inspiration from multiple sources, not just their own creativity. The word limit on the essay will remain at The goal of these revisions is to help all applicants, regardless of background or access to counseling, see themselves and their stories within the prompts.

They are designed to invite unencumbered discussions of character and community, identity, and aspiration. To this end, we will be creating new educational resources to help students both understand and approach the opportunities the essay presents for them. Some students have a wample, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience. Describe a problem you've solved or a problem you'd like to solve.

It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma - anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale. Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or could be taken to identify a solution. Describe a topic, idea, or concept you find so engaging that it makes you lose all track of time. Why does it captivate you. What or who do you turn to when you want to learn more.

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As part of my application I have to write a personal statement. I was hoping that I could get some feed back that can help me to edit this paper. Also, I am not positive this is the right discussion board to post nufsing, so if it is not, sorry. Personal Statement First Draft While preparing to apply for the Graduate Entry Nursing Program, I was looking back on my life thinking about what brought me to the point of graduate school, on the cusp of pursuing a career that had, until recently, felt more like a dream than possible reality. I can remember when I first had the aspiration of being a nurse; it was not necessarily the same concept for which I communicate my ambitions today.

I was in fourth grade, and it was October, that crucial time of the year when a zchool had to decide what to be for Halloween. As most kids were scrambling to the nearest costume store to buy their Superman or Batman costumes, I was steady in my resolve, because I had decided weeks earlier that I was going to go as a nurse. I had collected every part of my costume; I had the scrubsI had link stethoscope, I had my mask, I essah ready.

This was, perhaps, the first time nursing ever crossed my mind, and it may have been that Halloween when my career aspirations of nursing began. A career in nursing is more diverse than any other available today. It requires a kind heart, a sharp mind, and a passion for lifelong learning, all characteristics I possess. It is not an easy career choice, but unrsing challenge I thoroughly look forward to embracing.

A good nurse must be nimble on their feet, conscientious, trustworthy and able to quickly establish compassionate relationships with new patients everyday. The demands are high, however it is because of this that the rewards are so great. Nursing requires a combination of supreme understanding of the science of health and a caring bedside manor befitting only those who seek a position with such a personal involvement in the patient's well being.

It is my extraordinary amount of empathy and caring, in combination with a passion for science and health that makes nursing the perfect career for me. A good nurse must also be very socially adept, as they will attain to a patient's social and emotional health as much as their physical health. I highly enjoy working with people, doing whatever it takes to improve their life and day, whether that means providing them with the best care possible, or just being there for them with a hug to get through a tough time.

There is nothing that gives nuring greater enjoyment than improving someone's day, whether it is just taking the time to sit with him or her and talk or something school simple as a smile given to someone who unrsing not have one. I have always known the career I chose would have to involve work with people, as it is something I am very passionate about.

Through various volunteer organizations I have been able to do this during my adolescence, and I think being a Family Nurse Practitioner would allow me to continue this into adulthood, as well as provide me with a lucrative career. I was therefore presented with a dilemma upon completion of my second year. I knew, without a doubt, that my future career lay in nursing and no amount of adversity was going to keep me from achieving this.

However, I was two years schoool my undergraduate studies without a major. I chose Human Nutrition because of its relevance to a future nursing job, as well as its congruence to my previous course work.

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Sample Admissions Essays - Accepted by Harvard Courtesy of EssayEdge "Mike" Influence. Why is it that the people who influence us most influence us in ways that are not easily quantified. Through her work with abused children, my mother has shown me the heroism of selfless dedication to a worthy more info. By being an upstanding individual, my playwriting teacher in middle school acted as an inspiring male role model at a time when I needed one most. By being approachable and interesting, my World History teacher in my freshman year of high school opened my eyes to the connections between a society's culture and its history and broadened my view of cultures and the world.

While these influences mean much to me and have contributed greatly to my development, they came too easily to mind. The fact that I could sit down and write a list of how these people influenced me suggests that the influence did not alter me in any profound way. These people are all my elders, and perhaps I feel distanced from them. The person whose influence shook me to the deepest level is a person whose influence is nearly impossible to describe. We developed our personalities, our senses of humor, and our love for girls at the same time and in the same manner.

It would cheapen his influence to quantify it; I am what I am because of him; I cannot say that about anybody else. Mike came to my school in the seventh grade, and we immediately clicked. However, until Mike, I never had anyone my age to identify with completely. Mike made me feel confident in who I was; he reaffirmed my drives and my thoughts and my inspirations. At this awkward stage in our lives, we found uncritical appreciation in each other. We both were obsessed by movies and had a similar sense of humor. We had the same problems and the same thoughts.

That was all it took. Halfway through that same year, Mike and I became inseparable. In fact, our yearbook had a section that lists the names of students and what they were never seen without.

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Take a look at some of the most commonly asked essay questions and use them to prepare for your scholarship applications. Your Field of Specialization and Academic Plans Some scholarship applications will ask you to write about your major or field of study. What are the most important issues your field is facing today. Current Events and Social Issues To test your skills at problem-solving and check how up-to-date you are on current issues, many scholarship applications include questions about problems and issues facing society.

What do you consider to be the single most important societal problem. If you had the authority to change your school in a positive way, what specific changes would you make. Pick a controversial problem on college campuses and suggest a solution. What do you see as the greatest threat to the environment today.

Personal Achievements Scholarships exist to reward and encourage achievement. Describe how you have demonstrated leadership ability both in and out of school. Discuss a special attribute or accomplishment that sets you apart. Describe your most meaningful achievements and how they relate to your field of study and your future goals. To learn more about you, some scholarship committees will ask you to write about your background and major influences.

Pick an experience from your own life and explain how it has influenced your development. Who in your life has been your biggest influence and why. How has your family background affected the way you see the world. How has your education contributed to who you are today. Future Plans and Goals Scholarship sponsors look for applicants with vision and motivation, so they might ask about your goals and aspirations. Briefly describe your long- and short-term goals. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now. Why do you want to get a college education.

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Ryan Hickey Friday, June 09, Your graduate school personal statement may initially get only five minutes of an admissions officer's attention. In those five minutes you have to show that you are a good pick for the admiission. Thanks for signing up. Get exclusive test prep info now. And best of all, it's free. Writing an amazing graduate school essay is probably far more straightforward than you might think.

Graduate school admissions officers aren't looking for gimmicks. They're looking for passionate, motivated, and prepared applicants who esway ready to hit the ground running in their program. Read on for more details in creating your best graduate school essay. If you're looking for one-on-one assistance, check out EssayEdge. Know what the admissions officers sample admission essay for graduate school seeking Don't make assumptions about your graduate school personal statements. Many programs simply ask you to sa,ple a personal sschool without any further guidance. Other programs will tell you exactly how they want the essay structured read article with word count limits and formatting requirements.

Review the prompt thoroughly and plan your essay before you begin writing to ensure that you create an essay that will be an effective and persuasive addition to your application package. What should you do if the program doesn't give you any specifics. With greater numbers of applicants graduwte graduate programs, the trend is toward shorter essays. This is especially true of graduate programs in the STEM fields.

Unfortunately, longer essays tend to be skimmed rather than read thoroughly, and most any admissions officer will tell you that the best essays adjission they've read are always shorter essays. Think about what is absolutely essential, and write about those aspects of your experience with passion. Personal, personal, personal Did we mention personal. Some graduate programs will ask you to write an additional essay about an issue within your chosen field. However, your personal statement should be about you as an individual.

Write about issues only if they relate specifically to your personal experiences.

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Claim Opinion, Position, Hypothesis, Thesis Statement, Theory Not Always Substantiated Claim e. How To Write An Argumentative Essay There are various patterns that writers can use when writing an argumentative essay even though there is no specific model of organization. Just like other essays, argumentative essays consist of three parts: Make sure you have a clear thesis that answers the question.

Your thesis should state your position and be the last sentence of your introduction. Each paragraph has a topic sentence, which is the main argument of the paragraph. That is followed by further illustrating and providing specific examples to support the topic sentence. Why should your reader fopics your point of view. Try to use the anticipating objections in the conclusion Part 4: Interesting Topics to Write anArgumentative EssayOn As discussed above, an argumentative essay uses reasoning and evidence - not emotion - to take a definitive stand on a controversial or debatable issue.

This is one of the most common type of writing in a students' career. Topic first step to writing an argumentative paper is to choose a controversial topic to defend or argue against. Here, we have gathered a list of topic for argumentative writing that you can use to write your paper arranged by categories.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Technology and Social Media Are the Web Filters at Your School Too Restrictive. Does Technology Make Us More Fod Are You Distracted by Technology. Do Apps Help You or Just Waste Your Time. Has Facebook Lost Its Edge. Does Facebook Ever Make You Feel Bad.

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Home Nurse Gail Graduate Nursing School Essay NYU Personal Statement If you are attempting to write a nursing school essay, this will help. My undergraduate nursing essay for the University of Texas in Austin is HERE the comment section has great tips and my New York University graduate school nursing application essay is below. Both UT and NYU are amazing schools and provided me with enriching experiences.

It is my hope that by publishing my application essays, you may better understand what admission boards are looking for. So well, in fact, that NYU gave me a financial scholarship because of it. June, PERSONAL STATEMENT by Gail Ingram, RN: Unlike many other careers, the growth is reciprocal. As the field of nursing develops and strengthens in new areas, unique and rewarding opportunities become available to me. My nursing relationship began after a successful yet uninspired career in fashion and media production. As the first person in my family to attend college and self-fund it, I am especially proud to have graduated cum laude from the University of Texas with a BSN in December In school I maintained a 3.

My first staff position was in a busy ICU Step-down Unit in Seattle, WA. I participated in a week regional critical care consortium and welcomed leadership roles as a charge nurse, code first responder, preceptor to nursing students, and Pressure Ulcer Prevention Unit Educator. I was looking for a greater challenge when I came to New York City in the spring of As a travel nurse I completed contracts at Mt. Sinai, New York-Presbyterian Columbia and Cornell, NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, Beth Israel, Terrance Cardinal Cook medical and dental clinics, and Southampton Hospital.

In addition to my charge nurse and preceptor roles, I served as a consultant for Southampton Hospital in to create and implement a nurse retention plan for summer staffing. In earlyI began private duty nursing in Manhattan and discovered the need for a check this out that offers more than a typical staffing agency can provide. With improved patient care as my motivation, I began attending classes and workshops through the Small Business Administration at Baruch College.

I founded Nightingale Wellness, LLC in to provide patient advocacy, case management and medical stewardship for clients in Manhattan.