Common app sample essays for peer review


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Previous Issues Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there, and why is it meaningful to you? Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure.

How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn? Some students have a background or story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story. These were a few of the prompts from which students could choose to write a brief essay to accompany their college applications.

Sharing personal reflections can be difficult enough; yet prospective students must consider not only what they say, but also how well they say it, when writing to impress admission counselors.

Common app sample essays for peer review

This summer, the Admission Office helped the Alumni Review staff identify just a few of the exceptional essays written by newly enrolled Hamilton students with their permission, of course. The assortment that follows offers a glimpse into the diverse essayx and experiences, as well as the writing talents, of our newest Hamiltonians. This collection of student essays follows two similar Hamilton Alumni Review features, both of which received positive feedback from readers.

Antonia Burdick Bronx, N. A family sits down for dinner.

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A young man plays piano. Warm yellow windows stare back at me. Each one offers entry into simple routine nights, but they all jerk away as my train pushes forward and the conductor demands my ticket. I was adopted from foster care when I was 5.

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However, I have known my birth family and my mentally ill birth mother my entire life. The switch from the poorest congressional district in the country to one of the wealthiest, mixed with the transition between families, makes me lose my bearings.

Going south, I lose my mother. Going north, I lose my grandmother, aunts, uncle and cousins. Yet eample sense of loss I feel leaving one family behind is relieved by my time on the train. The journey both ways holds unparalleled meaning for me; I find peace. The train ride is my home between homes. It is a pause in the rush of the day as I am suspended between my two lives.

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While the train rocks steadily onward, the landscapes and buildings of each northeastern state keep me company. As the train barrels farther from the city and the blur of green and brown forest claims its territory, I find solace in link contours of the leaves and bushes. My world exists only as the length of each long brown-bodied tree, and I can find calm in their simple, easy presence.

I learn to see my two zpp as gifts, while the junkyards of Baltimore whir past my eyes. I am reminded of how lucky I am to have two homes to go between. Maybe the family I see sitting down for dinner just attended a funeral. Maybe the man playing piano is lonely. Maybe the mother patiently braids hair so her daughter will forget her difficulties in school. Because I am surrounded by transient common app sample essays for peer review of family that beg questions to be asked, I am reminded to be grateful for the variety of my own family.

In New York, I wait for my mom to finish the Sunday Times, and then we take the 4 train to a film at MoMA. In Maryland, we watch Bollywood movies, I eat what I am served, and I hope that I am being a fun granddaughter and cousin. In New York, I forget to cap the toothpaste and die laughing when my mom tries to dance. I can never have both families at the same time, but I can appreciate my families and be any form of myself on the train.

Common app sample essays for peer review

In its liminal space, I can exist common app sample essays for peer review who I am. Essaya experience on the train moves me toward growth. I can appreciate both of my families and my own strength. While riding the train, I have grown into my own independence. I am perfectly content between my two lives and proud of the resilience I have earned.

Although I give up a part of myself each way, this loss has molded who I am. This loss has gifted me with strength. I am proud of my journey and myself. I am happy with who I am becoming and where I here going.

I become stronger with every minute I push farther common app sample essays for peer review closer to home. On the day my first novel was rejected, I was baking pies. Ten hours of rolling crusts and peeling apples and kneading peeer and sugar into the crumble topping, all the while drowning in the cinnamon air, surrounded by near-literal mountains of pies that we essasy forbidden to touch. I sat on my couch and counted the minutes until the agony of pie-making, almost forgetting the novel that was currently with the acquisitions board of one of the biggest publishing houses in the world.

I did know comon two — two! I knew the meeting had been pushed back twice already by an unsympathetic hurricane that had left downtown Manhattan under several feet of water. I knew this was it. This had to be it. It was my turn. I had slogged through the query trenches in search of an agent. Phone call from my agent. Sweaty palms and dizziness, a tap of a commn finger to a smudged screen. Small talk and stalling.

After a few long minutes, a shadow detached itself from the opposite benches, came over and sat down next to me. Part of what is driving the services is the competition to gain entrance to elite colleges like Harvard, where about 18, students apply for one of the 1, freshmen slots. My friends say my height is just common app sample essays for peer review physical quality and not a personality trait. We speak of them sometimes, or pity them, but we do not go to their weddings or funerals. I recommend this service to any rising senior in need of professional essay review. For two-and-a-half hours every seven days, I enter a world where boredom has no time to invade, where math is the only language, and theory the only absolute. How resourceful are you when your curiosity is piqued to the fullest?

A sigh and, at last, the news, that the publisher had a similar novel on her list and vetoed the editors. That there was no heat in the flooded building and they had rejected everything and had gone home early. Stomach in throat, swallow. False laugh, check this out of next time. I fell asleep like that: After all, the next day foor the beginning of National Novel Writing Month. I had an outline and a story to tell: A ringing in the ungodly hours of morning. Common app sample essays for peer review call from a friend.

Bleary eyes and words still spinning: A mumbled what the heck? A classmate, a car out of control, a crash into a tree. Those were the facts — no opinions, no emotions I could translate fpr ink on a page, touch, understand. The words were gone. I sat at my computer with my fingers on the keys, shaking, sweating, smudging, but there was nothing to say.

Everyone went to the memorial service and everyone brought flowers, and in the silence, we cried. And there was anger, too, later — a bursting, a hush perr imploded. I went click after the service and threw my laptop open and wrote about all that was unfair, and there was a lot to write about. The month passed, and I won NaNoWriMo. It sold in three days. Alexander Wear Severna Park, Md. Life from Seven Feet Up Walking down a busy street, I see the quick glances and turned heads.

The murmurs and giggles trickle toward ofr. After the click of the camera, they go on their way. Maybe then I could take a friend to a movie and just blend into the crowd.

  • When has your opinion been unpopular?
  • It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma-anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale.
  • Worrying consumes my days and I don't always realize it.

Attention from strangers is nothing new to me. Questions about essayx height dominate almost every public interaction. My friends say my height is just a physical quality and not a personality trait. However, when I reflect on my life, I realize that my height common app sample essays for common app sample essays for peer review review shaped my character in many ways and has helped to define the person I am. I learned how to be comfortable in my own skin.

I grew acquainted early on with the fact that I am abnormally tall and stick out about the crowd. Being self-conscious about it would be paralyzing. I learned how to be kind. When I was younger, some parents in my neighborhood deemed me a bully because I was so much larger than children my age.

I had to be extra welcoming and revifw simply to play with other children. At 7 feet tall, everyone expects me to be an amazing basketball player.

Henry V never lost hope and neither would I. I went home after the service and threw my laptop open and wrote about all that was unfair, and there was a lot to write about. College admission essay help kwasi enin, essay help university business plan. I do not want to be that way.

They come expecting to see Dirk Nowitzki, and instead they might see a performance more like Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro. I have learned to be humble and to work even harder than my peers to meet their and my expectations. I developed a sense of lightheartedness.


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