Blank paper to type and print module


Paper Tray Programming When you load paper in a paper tray, you must program the tray for the paper it contains. To avoid loading a paper stock unsupported by the machine, see Recommendations for Paper Usage. For details on loading special papers, see Loading Special Stock For Proper Finishing Output. Wait for the LED light on the tray to turn OFF before opening the tray. Tray Confirmation Options When you change or pirnt paper to a feed tray, you need to program the tray for the stock you added.

To avoid "Resource Not Available" faults, you can set a confirmation option to match your workflow. The confirmation box displays asking you to confirm or change the paper setting for a tray. To set a confirmation option: Select [Setup] from the Menu bar. Select [System Preferences] and the Stocks and Tray tab. Under Tray Confirmations, select the type of confirmation to display every time you change or add paper: None - No Confirm box is displayed Default.

When Tray Includes help writing a essay for college was Change - Confirm box displays only if you add a different sized stock and do not change tray programming. After Every Tray Cycle - Confirm box displays every time a tray is opened and closed. Auto Accept Settings Changes - If you have the Productivity Pack license enabled, this setting is available for selection.

No Confirm box is displayed as the system automatically senses the new stock size. ho

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The metadata may include, but is not limited to, size of the scanned document, name of a user scanning the document, an ID or name associated with the device that may be used for scanning the document, format of the scanned document document format, portable document formatmargins on the scanned document, borders of the scanned document, pixel layout of the scanned document, and availability of blank spaces on the scanned document. In one implementation, the data includes metadatanew contentalignment dataand other data The above systems and methods are further described in conjunction with the following figures. See also Viewing and editing metadata. Select Inner Stroke to add an inner stroke to the border. The modulesamongst other things, include routines, programs, objects, components, data structures, which perform particular tasks or implement particular abstract data types. In many scenarios, a document may have to be reviewed by another user present in a different location.

You may need to change other stock attributes based upon the stock anx added to the tray. When programming a stock in a feed tray or the stock library, it is important to set the correct stock properties, especially the weight listed as gsm. Based on the weight of the stock gsm setting, the feed tray 'fluffers' settings are modified to feed the programmed stock. Taking time to verify the gsm setting increases runtime and productivity by decreasing feed module paper jams.

Load paper and set up paper trays Tray programming procedures vary depending on how you configure confirmation alerts and on the particular blank paper to type and print module configuration. It is only possible to program and load fully adjustable trays. Only System Administrators can change Dedicated tray programming. Use the previous steps to select the Tray Typd option to use. For more information, see Managing the Printer.

Double-click or right-click a fully adjustable tray row. A Tray Properties window appears.

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Enter all choices pertaining to the stock you wish to load into the tray. Systems with the Productivity Pack license enabled have a stock library from which you can select a stock to program the tray. Click or When the Tray In Use light turns off, open the fully adjustable tray you just configured, as identified in the Tray Type column of the Paper Trays here. Load paper stock that matches the settings you made in the Tray Properties window.

Push the tray closed. For fully-adjustable trays, a "Confirm Tray Contents" alert window may appear. For dedicated trays, blank paper to type and print module "Dedicated Tray Contents" alert will appear. Either make appropriate changes in the Tray Properties window Fully Adjustable trays or re-load the correct paper Dedicated trays.

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When entering the size of Catalog Envelopes, enter the dimension of the envelope with the flap open. See Recommendations for Paper Usage for more information, as well as a listing of all paper types the system will work with. Trays are identified as "Fully Adjustable" and "Dedicated" in the Tray Type column of the Paper Trays tab.

Optional To choose or create a different identity plate, click the triangle on the lower-right of the identity plate preview window, and choose from the pop-up menu. It was shot in for a school assignment. We all love it for the ways that it saves us time in editing and the simplicity of editing. Cell Spacing Defines the space between cells for rows and columns. Tray 1 in the second SFM will appear as "Feeder 2:

Rear Guide Stop for Tray 2 on the 4-Tray Feed Module The Tray 2 Rear Guide Stop is designed for systems that dedicate tray 2 on the 4-Tray Feed Module for 8. It is designed to stabilize the rear guide in the tray improving registration.

Blank paper to type and print module

The stop is installed in the back of the tray to restrict the rear guide from opening. The stop is set for 8. The user can Enable the stop by rotating the gray colored lever to the right or Disable the stop by lifting and rotating the lever to the left. Located in back of tray Enabled Disabled NOTE: If A4 stock is to be loaded in tray 2, service must be called to adjust the lever. To enable a tray Right click one the tray in the Paper Trays tab. Click Enable Tray from the Tray pull-down menu.

To disable a tray If a tray is broken, in need read more service, or you do not want it used for some reason, you can disable it. Right click one of the trays in the Paper Trays tab. Click Disable Tray from the Tray pull-down menu. About Auto Tray Switching and setting tray priorities The Xerox Nuvera vlank designed to allow a job to click submitted using only job attributes, and the system will then, based upon tray priorities, pull stock from the tray s containing the programmed stock.

You have the ability to control the order in which trays are used by the system, by setting each tray's priorities. For example, if trays 1 and modue contain the same type of paper, but you are running a big job, you can set tray 2 to be chosen first, since it has a larger paper capacity.

Blank paper to type and print module

In bllank case, the job pulls stock from tray 2 first. When tray 2 is out of stock, the job switches to pull from tray 1. Once tray 2 is refilled, the job switches back to pulling stock from tray 2. Feed Until Empty A user selected blank paper to type and print module, Feed Until Empty, tells the system to empty the second tray before switching back to the original tray.

In the above example, once tray 2 is empty, the job switches to pulling stock from tray 1 and remains pulling stock from that tray until it is empty. Once tray 1 is empty, the job immediately switches back to tray 2, if it has be refilled. To select Feed Until Empty: Feed System Optimization Customer Setup: Feed Until Empty Algorithm to enable Feed Until Empty. To find out at a glance the priority setting of each paper tray, look on the far right-hand side of the Paper Trays table in the Printer Manager. The last column on the right shows the current Priority setting for each tray.

To set tray priority Click the Printer Manager button. On the Paper Trays tab, double-click a paper tray you want to set. The Tray Properties window for that tray appears. Modulr the Options button. Click in the Tray Priority text box and enter a lower number the lower the number, the higher the tray priority.

Repeat Steps to check that the other trays are assigned priority numbers which will cause the system to use them in the order you want. It is possible to configure your Xerox Nuvera with two or more Sheet Feed Modules SFM click here, effectively doubling the feed capacity of the system.

Notify your Xerox sales representative if you wish to configure movule system in this way.

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See Feed Module for more details. If your Xerox Nuvera is configured with two or more Sheet Feed Modules, pay special attention to how the trays are displayed in the user interface. For example, tray 2 in the first SFM will appear as modu,e 1: Tray 1 in the second SFM will appear as "Feeder 2:


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