Best type of paper to print photos


Having some idea about how these finishes work is always helpful to determine the kind of final outcome that you wishes your photo to looks like.

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They affect the overall photo surface, texture, vividness of color, contrast and types of photography. Below, I have identified 4 types of finishes glossy, matte, luster and metallic that are commonly used in photo printing industry.

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Glossy Finish Coated paper with very smooth, shiny and results in a reflective surface. The end best type of paper to print photos of the photo often looks vibrant in color, crisp and sharp.

Best type of paper to print photos

Produces brighter color and offer more saturation. It does not produce a textured look when scanned and or converted into digital format.

Therefore from here on, the various parameters for choosing photo paper will refer best type of paper to print photos the Inkjet type. This is a great paper choice for a wide range of subject matter, especially images with metal such as machinery, cars, trucks, trains, planes, etc. Stars Over Our Lady Conclusion In summation, I sincerely hope these examples help you in choosing the right paper for your artwork. Some inkjet prints can last more than years in proper storage, but mounting and framing presents a challenge, as it can be difficult to mount them to a second surface. The term baryta comes from the chemical compound barite — barium sulphate — which is a naturally occurring, clay-like mineral added to the fiber paper base. Under the gloomy yellow glow of a dim darkroom safelight, we projected negatives through our enlarger to expose sheets of light-sensitive paper, which we then ran through a series of caustic chemical baths and washes to produce and fix photographic images.

However the photo surface is likely to stick to the glass when framed. It is also highly susceptible to fingerprints and smudges if hand-held without a glove. Yet, though it is possible to remove with photo cloth or liquid solution, it still can leave some scratches.

Glossy finish is a good choice for printing everyday snapshots and photo with vibrant colors.

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Matte Finish Photo with matte finish is always smooth and non-glare on the surface. Lower- contrast but enhanced texture print. Fingerprints are not as visible.

This style works very well especially for black and white photograph which produces classic look. In most cases, it is often used by professional and are capable of producing a high quality professional look. Matte finish is also a good choice for framing and suitable for portrait, wedding and baby photo. It comes with different grade and harder to be scratched.

Best type of paper to print photos

However, the texture on a matte finish can make the photo looks grainy and may produce a visible texture if scanned or tpe to digital format. Use matte finish for black and white photograph for professional looks Luster Finish The outcome of photo that applied with luster finish comes with slight gloss with a subtle and pearl like texture.

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It offers deeper color saturation than matte finish, higher in contrast and thicker in paper. Fingerprints are not as visible, anti glare, looks professional with high quality paper and best for framing on the wall.

Matte Finish Photo with matte finish is always smooth and pdint on the surface. RC papers are usually the go-to papers for portrait and wedding photographers. Perhaps the most notable difference between digital C-prints and inkjet prints is that C-prints have continuous tone achieved through a chemical process that involves dyes. Paper Weight and Thickness Paper weight is specified in grams per square meter gsm and paper thickness caliper in mils or mm. While some scream out for attention, others are very subtle. So, how do you pick which material is best for your needs? The first, Time Robber, depicts the abandoned Cook Bank building in the ghost mining town of Rhyolite, Nevada. The end result of the photo often looks vibrant in color, crisp and sharp.

It is also capable to capture the best qualities from glossy and matte by combining them into one beautiful finish. Metallic Finish Extremely durable and produces best type of paper to print photos almost chrome-like burnished appearance. Glossy finish with a metallic look. Striking, distinctive metallic eye-catching look, increased color gamut for rich impact and exceptional sharpness.

Best type of paper to print photos

Paul Chong is a landscape fine art photographer base in Shanghai, China. Some of his work can be seen published in various magazine, website, event brochure and flyer.

  • In contrast, a scene where you want the most contrast and cleanest whites a snowy meadow will benefit from a cooler tone inkjet paper.
  • Luster Luster is our most popular for good reason.
  • They are beautiful and painterly; somehow muted and saturated at the same time.


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