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There are many different uses for booklets, and they contain a wide variety of content ex. When I work with customers printing booklets, I generally recommend that they choose their paper based on the content ex. I generally ask them to consider the following questions. In the end, it really comes down to preferences.

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What paper coating should you use for your booklet? The 3 kinds of paper coating are: Most booklet customers opt for either matte or gloss, because the sheets look and feel more substantial.

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On the other hand, comes customers prefer uncoated paper. Uncoated paper feels like the sheets you would get out of a copy machine, and some customers prefer them for newsletters, manuals, and brochures. Choosing between gloss vs.

  • At 24 pt, this is our thickest and sturdiest card stock.
  • It would be somewhat heavier and less glossy than your average magazine paper though.
  • Paper type considerations You also have to know what makes a high-quality paper stock.

I would choose depending on the type of colors you have on your sheet. Matte paper is a good choice for booklets with a muted color palette or a large amount of text.

Your business card is an important marketing tool - consider using custom features and get a great design that stands out. This can also be very important to your customers. UV Coating, often called liquid lamination, is a highly protective, ultra-shiny gloss coating that we apply over aqueous coating and then cure on a pape machine using ultraviolet light. Our standard card stocks, 14 pt are optimal for embossing, foil stamping, and die-cutting, all popular options for event cards such as wedding invitations. Again, this is where your audience comes into play. I know that the large printers use rolls of paper for magazines, but I'm just looking for 8. This paper is great for fine art magazines, photography journals, fashion, comic books, and more.

Similarly, if your booklets contain a lot of light colors, I would also recommend matte. Gloss paper is fantastic for punching up the color in booklets with a lot of color, especially photographs. If you have a lot of graphics and photos that you want to really shine, gloss will help your document catch extra shine when the sheets are flipped under the light.

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Many of our customers tell us that they choose gloss for their booklets because they want that extra shininess when their customers pick up the booklet. I have two more tips to keep in mind.

Should you choose the thinner or the thicker paper for your booklet? Since most of our customers choose matte or glossy see abovethe question is usually: My rule of thumb for those customers is very simple: To paint a better picture: On the other hand, 80 lb.

Best paper to print magazines on

The size of your booklet is another factor in choosing your paper thickness. If your booklet is thin ex. Thin booklets using 80 lb sheets can feel flimsy; opting for the thicker sheets remedies that issue. On the other hand, if your booklet is thick ex.

Printer reps will often use numerical values e. Printing magazines at home: Here are some tips for choosing the best best paper to print magazines on for a brochure: This is a popular choice for postcards. My rule of thumb for those customers is very simple: This is an excellent choice for greeting cards and note cards. A higher GSM equates to a thicker paper which may give a more professional look to your campaigns, but it won't be suitable for every task.

The first consideration is: In general, I recommend choosing a cover stock ex. The extra stiffness make the booklets feel better to hold and flip through.

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The next consideration is the thickness of the cover stock, and I would use the magazinew rule of thumb that Click at this page gave in question 2: Final thoughts on choosing paper for your booklet In the end, I have to reiterate: There is no right answer for choosing paper types, so I hope my rules of thumbs best paper to print magazines on able to help you make your decision.

For those customers who really want to tune and check the presentation of the different booklet paper types, I recommend ordering proof prints of various paper combinations. About the author This post was written by Andrew Shu, editor for both the MGX Copy blog about printing and the MGX Mindshare blog about marketing.

Best paper to print magazines on

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to him.


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