Essay on international understanding through sports


The assistant coach, the team spokesman, and the bus driver were dead; eight others aboard the bus were wounded, including the starting goalie. Taken together, the two events send a clear message to the many world leaders, organizations, and athletes trying to use sports to pave the road to world peace: Sports have long been idealized as a way to heal wounds, mend fences, and rise above differences among cultures and nations.

Essay on international understanding through sports

As we look ahead to the Olympics in a few source and the World Cup after that, are we fools to think that sports can not only transcend politics but pave a path to peace? Other world leaders have used sports as a means by which to make conciliatory international gestures. The Chinese government famously invited American ping-pong players to exhibition essay on international understanding through sports in China in Aprilthe first time Americans were allowed into the country since Last summer, for example, Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Farmar led basketball camps in Israel that brought together Arab and Jewish children.

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An organization called PeacePlayers International runs similar youth basketball leagues for Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland, blacks and whites in South Africa, Israelis and Palestinians, and Turkish and Greek factions in Cyprus. And UK-based Football 4 Peace International uses soccer much the same way in Israel and in Northern Ireland.

Persia even paused from burning Athens for the BC Olympics at Olympia. Due to international developments, we may weaken the assumption that external policy of the state is based on security. Modern Olympics often have been more about political agendas rather than cooperation and cultural exchange. As such, fans and players realize that racial abuse is not taken lightly and they will prevent carrying out such actions. When individual citizens begin communicating with others globally on the bases of mutual trust and respect, rather than following the lines of political relations, a space is opened for new dialogue. These trends may lead observers to ask: For example, the Olympic water polo match between Hungary and the Soviet Union that took place after the Soviet invasion of Budapest led to violent clashes between the athletes.

But despite the many feel-good stories, high profile sporting events have served equally well, it seems, as a means by which to sow dissension: And inthe unifying power of sports proved no match essay on international understanding through sports the hostilities of World War I: The World Cup has seen its share of political violence as well.

In El Salvador beat Honduras in a World Cup qualifying match, igniting longstanding tension between the two countries into a brief war.

Perhaps having learned its lesson, just last year FIFA indefinitely postponed a match between Chad and Sudan as hostilities simmered between the two. And Iran has prioritized its hatred over its chances at athletic success every time: We want so badly to believe that all we really need to achieve world peace is a ball. But even some of the seeming triumphs of sports over hatred have been mirages.

Essay on international understanding through sports

In Septemberthe presidents of Armenia and Turkey used soccer to reopen diplomatic dialogue. The two countries had severed relations and sealed their common border more than a decade earlier, but a World Cup qualifying match between their national teams prompted Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan to extend an invitation to his Turkish counterpart. But as of today the Turkish Parliament has yet to ratify the agreement, insisting international Armenia first make territorial concessions to Azerbaijan.

Essay on international understanding through sports all the other sources of an economy This can help people learn more about different races and develop a mutual understanding and respect for different races. Gaining a clear understanding of who they are off the pitch will enable them to widen their sense of self, gain clarity over their other strengths and protect them from longer term psychological difficulties. Yet the Olympics remain worth the costs. Rio plans to spend less public money on all of the Olympics than London spent on its main stadium.

Politics, it seems, is more complex than a soccer match. Also essay on international understanding through sports summer, the U. Not in the infield.

This article includes a review of the structure of international sport and summarises the results of the study carried out by the Tampere Peace Research Institute. McMillan, London, pp — Google Scholar Noel-Baker P Sport and international understanding. Preview Unable to display preview. Progress, Moscow Google Scholar Wagner H Humanismus - Militarismus - Leibeserziehung.

Still, we let our hopes obscure reality. But when three men on their way to a soccer tournament are gunned down by separatists in a country that was probably too unstable to be hosting a major international sports event in the first place, we learn a different lesson. If sports are really throuh to save the world, we need those kids who are now shooting baskets and goals in Israel and Ireland and South Africa to become not athletes but political leaders.


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