Short essay on my school my responsibility

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Duties and Responsibilities of a Student Extracts from this document Introduction Duties and Responsibilities of a Student Life is short, but art is long. According to fulfill all the works, a man must take the best preparation before beginning and student life is the part of life, when a person can take the preparation. So, it is called the "seed time" of human life. It has a great impact towards our whole life. So, student life is considered as the most important part. In fact, a man is a student for forever. But if we want to give a special definition, we can say that, the part of life, which are sending to acquire knowledge in responsibilify subject in our school, college and Universities can be called as a student life.

Middle He should read novels, articles, newspapers etc. Besides he must article source extracurricular activities, such as- singing, dancing, debating, etc. All these things will give them not only refreshment, but also a deep sense of life. It will increase their ability. A sound mind lives in a sound body. A student must maintain a sound body in order to maintain a sound health. If his body and health is not sound he can't be studious and enrich his mind. Physical exercise also gives him strength and curiosity. Every person must perform some duties towards his parents and family.

He should oblige the parents and respect their view. He should not disobey or hurt them. Conclusion And most of all he must raise a sense of patriotism in his mind. Without giving value of time, responskbility can't be enriched.

Essay on photography is my hobby

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Home Why Photography is a Favorite Hobby People who are into preserving memories by getting great pictures would definitely love photography. Most people would agree that photography is a great hobby. While it easily gets the mood going, there are tips and tricks on how you can enjoy the hobby while taking beautiful pictures.

Photography is the art of capturing things or moments of your life by means of using a light-sensitive material such as photographic film or an image sensor. A camera is used to create durable images by recording light. Although it may sound quite complicated, all you need to do is click a button for the camera to capture the image that you want.

According to most photographers, photography can be quite addictive, especially if you love taking records of the special moments of your life that you value most. It will allow you to understand many different things about the hobby. As mentioned above, there are various tips and tricks on how you can enjoy such hobby. Familiarizing the various techniques will allow you to love the art while you produce the best pictures.

Although the reasons may vary from one person to another, most of the hobbyists find taking images as quite relaxing and fulfilling. Here are the top reasons why photography is becoming a favorite hobby nowadays. Allows You to Capture the Best Moments of Your Life — the most common reason why a lot of people are choosing photography as a favorite hobby is because it simply allows them to capture the best moments of their life.

It lets you capture the funny, dramatic, or awkward moments of the party. This is the number one reason why a lot of people pick photography as a favorite hobby. People Express Themselves with Photographs — another reason why photography is turning into a favorite hobby is because people can express themselves better with photographs. Unlike with other source, photography allows the photographer to express his emotion by capturing the sceneries or events according to his feelings.

Short essay on my native town

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Well, my native town is Gomel. Gomel is situated in toen picturesque place. The landscape in this part of the country is very beautiful — a wide river Sozh with sandy banks and large forest areas is stretching for many kilometers. Gomel is the second largest town in our Republic and the largest town in Belarusian Polesye. It covers short essay on my native town area of about square kilometers and has a lot of suburbs.

The population of the town is about thousands citizens. My home town has several twin-towns, among them there are: Chernigov in the Ukraine, Aberdeen in Scotland, St. Petersburg in Russia, Guttenberg in Germany, Zelengura in Poland, etc. Gomel, as a town was first mentioned in the chronicles in Distant ancestors of the present day Gomel citizens Radimichi, were strong, courageous, freedom loving and full of endurance people.

Like other Slavs tribes they often had to take up arms to defend their motherland first against the devastating inroads of Northmen and later against the fearful Tatar yoke and the crusades of German knights. For more than four centuries Gomel stayed dominated by Lithuanian tosn Polish princes. In the Eastern part of Belarus, including Gomel, was joined to the Russian Empire. And in Empress Katherine the Great gave Gomel to her minion colonel Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky. November 12, turned a new leaf in the life of the town. But peaceful, creative labor of the Soviet people was interrupted by a sudden attack of the fascist Germany.

Thousands of Gomel citizens left for the front and those who stayed in the town worked selflessly to contribute to the victory. The struggle never ceased for a day during the occupation. On the th shorf November, Gomel was liberated from the aggressors, but citizens nahive our town will never forget what their town looked like.

Short essay on my family for kids

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Essay on My Family for Class 12 My family: I have a very happy family. He is an Engineer. She is a house wife. I have one elder sister. I play with my grand parent. My father is world class blogger. He runs a Free Essay site. Site name is EsSsSay. Go to the essay without reading this message Oh. Actually school teachers have short essay on my family for kids parasite in nature.

They ride on the guardian head through their children's stairs. Don't be complex when ever you are starting essay writing. Or any paragraph here my family. Just start writing what ever is coming in your mind. After that start to decorate those essay, paragraph or short stories. It is very simple to teach in English medium school.

Essay on sweet memories of my childhood

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An essay on childhood memories. Memories of childhood Sweet are the recollections of the childhood of a man. Cares and anxieties do not trouble the innocent mind of the child. My childhood days When I look back to the days of my early childhood, I do not remember much. Only I remember how my old grand-mother fondled me. I used to sit in the evening by her side. She would tell me fairy tales—tales of the princes and princesses and rakshasas, and stories of ghosts.

I listened essay on sweet memories of my childhood them with rapt attention. These seemed to be true to me. I remember the day clearly when I first went to school. It was a new life to me, but I liked it very much. I made friends with many boys there. I went to school with them and I enjoyed these very much. My teachers loved me very much. I was never afraid of them and they never beat me.

I did my lessons well every day. I was fond of story-books.

Essay on my school in kannada language

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Short essay on my aim life

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SHAH ABDUL LATIF MY AIM IN LIFE For becoming a successful man, one should have a certain aim in one's life. A man without aim is like a rudderless ship in a stormy sea. The aom of an individual should be noble and good to shape his career in the later part of life. Without a right or aim right choice of profession the problem of bread cannot be solved.

In addition to this the purpose of birth will essaay defeated bringing penitence unto him. As an individual, I have certain needs to fulfill but simultaneously I have an aim to serve my countrymen. The best service I can render to my countrymen is by becoming a doctor of good repute.

Undoubtedly it is a humanitarian profession. In Hindu philosophy a doctor is adjudged as second god. I have a great aptitude for the study mh medicine. The study of medical science is for the benefaction of mankind. By studying the art of healing I can cure diseases and fight against death. In my view it is nobler than any other profession. In my country there are limited opportunities for the study of medicine.

Its opportunities should be enlarged for the better service of the human race. The number of doctor is limited keeping in view the population of our vast country. The state helps for the extension of hospitals. There is a great want in the field of well-equipped laboratories. Laboratories are of immense necessity for research works for different systems of treatment. Many new diseases are spreading in India an account of the shory of research work. There are malaria, TB diseases, cancer, brain fever, asthma and blood pressure. The number hospital should be increased for facilitating the cure of such diseases.

India is a land of villages. There is lack of trained doctors in village areas.

Essay on theme my future profession

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WHAT ARE MY FUTURE PLANS. I often wonder about my future as I am about to finish secondary school. The number one question on my mind is which profession should I choose. It is very hard mu make any definite choices, because I know they will affect me for the rest of my life. I want a profession that will satisfy me, challenge me, mh bring me joy. I believe that a job should be like a hobby. I want to love my work, and know that I am making a difference in this world by helping other people. First of all, I want to finish secondary school.

Soon I will take the first important exam of my life - the final graduation exam. I will be tested in four different subjects: After my graduation, I would like to study at the Medical University to become a doctor. Ever since I was a child, I have dreamt of curing people and healing diseases. It takes a long time to study medicine. It is very difficult and requires a tremendous amount of patience and hard work.

I hope that I will be able to meet these challenges, and that my dream will come true. Later, I would like to work in a hospital or in private practice. During my secondary studies, I worked on biology and chemistry projects. The experience from working on these projects has given me insight into science that far exceeds what I could have learned at school.

In addition, I also developed my patience and diligence, and gained valuable experience when I gave public speeches about our research. This opportunity will be a great advantage for my future studies. During the last few summer vacations, I worked as article source assistant nurse at a hospital. I believe that real life experience with patients, medicine, doctors, and nurses is the best start for a future medical student.