Essay on my ideal person my brother


More by this author The author's comments: In this piece, I wrote about my brother who has made a huge impact on my life. He is someone who I think deserves to be honored.

An Essay " My brother"

The grother of This I Believe is made possible by individuals like you. He is a strong and serious person. The Ideal Person Sabrina Freeman Rel. Here's a list of common subordinating conjunctions from Wikipedia http: That's concrete information the repetition is obviously unnecessary and you use that concrete information to lead into an explanation of what your brother has taught you.

Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same. Craig is my 19 year old brother who is a sophomore in college.

Essay on my ideal person my brother

He is not just my brother, but my friend. We love to be together and do things, like going out to lunch and for ice cream. The reason that he leaves foot prints on my heart is because he inspires me.

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He pushes me to be a better person because of the amazing person he is. He is such an understanding, different and nonjudgmental guy, and I wish I could be more like him. My brother has done many things that have combined to make the many footprints on my heart.

This is why for half of each day in high school he attended a high school for the arts. His confidence to do this inspires me to be different, and make my own decisions everyday. Craig is also a very understanding person. In his studies at college he is learning to speak Mandarin Chinese. He is never one to shy away from different cultures because he loves to learn about and understand the different ways of life.

Next year he is spending six months studying in China.

He is my motivator, counselor, coach, gym partner, role model, mentor, best friend, my big brother but mostly the biggest influence that has forever changed my life in a positive way! He is so helpful that on the day ezsay exams also he lends his books to his friends. We love to be together and do things, like going out to lunch and for ice cream. We offer no paid services. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys are strict on my essay, and be blunt about my mistakes.

This just shows how nonjudgmental of a person he is for not being worried about the differences, but being excited about the experiences. These are some of the things Craig has done that really leave footprints on my heart. Craig has affected me for the rest of my life. His great character and his view on live has inspired me to be a better person.

He has pushed me to look at people on the inside and not their appearance. He judges people by their heart, and that makes essay on my ideal person my brother want to do so too.

Also he has showed me that it is okay to be different. Because of this I am not afraid to look or act different than the people around me.

Now because of Craig when I walk into a room I see people for who they are on the inside, and not the outside. Craig has impacted me in so many ways, and I will never really be able to thank him enough. Even though he may not act like the older sibling sometimes, Craig is my older brother, and will always be.

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He is my inspiration in life, and the one who I look at as a perfect person. We may fight over what channel to watch on TV or who gets to sit in the front seat of the car but we will always love each other, and I know he always wants what is best for me. You may view my brother as awkward and weird but I see him as perfect.


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