Essay on my father as role model

Essay on my father as role model

Parent's Fther Center Who's Your Role Model? Most everyone has a role model in their life. They could be a parent, a friend, a teacher, or a tole hero. They could be the D. E officer who works in your school. He could be someone you read about in a book. A role model is hard to essay on my father as role model, because it can be different for everyone. Who your role cather is depends as much on you this web page it does on the person you admire. Often, it is someone you would like to be like when you get older, or someone who does something you find hard to do.

They might be somebody who performs outstanding volunteer work. They might be faather community leader. They might be your mentor. Maybe they are generous and kind. Maybe they performed an extraordinary feat or accomplishment. They might be someone in your neighborhood, or someone in another country.

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Typically, a role model is brave, smart, strong, kind, thoughtful and fun. Not that every role model is perfect. Unless it is someone out of a storybook, role models are people who might be outstanding in only one or two areas.

He wants me to experience the world because he believes that travelling is an education in itself. He brings chocolates curcure, fruits, beautiful toys, picture books, comedy books, clothes, shoes and other required stationeries for study. She has been doing a great job so far!!!!! He always goes fatheg the office at right time and teaches us too to go to school at right time. I look up to these people because it is the fact that I long to be just like them. My Father Essay 3 words My father is very loving and essay on my father as role model person.

Or maybe it is someone who is eszay less than perfect, but is working to improve himself or herself. Who is your role model? Write a story in that person and send fatther to us. You can do it esaay the form of a straight essay, or you can do it in a question and answer format. Every month we'll try to pick a new essay and post it on our site. By Alden High Point, NC My dad inspired me to write this.

He has taken such a big role in my life. Whatever I needed even if it was on the other side of the world my dad would go get it. I love him with all my heart. He always makes sure I do my best in whatever I do. Even though it might be hard or tiring my dad makes me do it, I know it's the best for me. My dad is the PERFECT role model because he is everything a role model should be, loving, funny, serious, nice to be around, and smart.

The person I want to be like is my counselor. She helps me work out my problems. When I am feeling down she helps me and talks things through with me. I love her and Essay on my father as role model will link her next year when she is not my counselor. Officer Corriveau wherever you are thanks for the inspiration and thank you Mrs.

Claytor for being there for me. My Hero My hero is somebody who is trying to stop esssay and make peace in the "model." My hero is Officer S. Officer Heck is a police officer and is very nice and caring.

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His favorite way of solving things is to sesay it. Although Officer Heck onn a gun and points it at people he only does that to scare them so they won't cause any harm to innocent people. But, he has never had to shoot anyone in his life and never intends to. Officer Heck has been a police officer for twenty years. He has joined the D. He teaches what drugs can do to you and what to fafher if someone tries to get you to try them. He is my D. The reason he is my hero is because he stops a lot of bad things and link people with problems they might have.

Officer Corriveau wherever you are thanks for the inspiration and thank you Mrs. Often, it is someone you would like to be like when you get older, or someone who does something you find hard to do. When my crush teases me, she would be there. The number 1 reason she is my role model is because she has taught me many things in life. Some young women lose their fathers to alcohol, anger, jealousy and sometimes even death. Whatever I needed even if it was on the other side of the world my dad would go get it.

He helps find the essay on my father as role model why they want to hurt people and teaches them why it's faather. He helps them become a better person so they are happy with their life. I think all policemen do a very good job, but I think Officer Heck should get extra credit for doing more work.

It's all because he helps a essay on my father as role model more people than other police officers do. Officer Heck is my hero ro,e I'm sure that I'm not the only one. I see my hero every Friday for D. He is a very good D.

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If there is an award for heroes, he should be the one who wins! My Role Model By: Samantha My role model is not one person, but an entire group of people.

Essay on my father as role model

My role models are the men and women of the Police Department of every country and every nation. I look up to these people because it is the fact that I long to be just like them. When I get older I want to be just like the men and women I so admire. My love for the police force and all they do for us started when I was maybe 9 in fifth grade. An Officer by the name of Leone, came to my school and taught us all about vather to stay away from drugs mocel violence and how Police Officers are more than what you assume just by seeing an Officer.

And that's when it all started, my modsl to be just like them, I think they are brave and strong and in all aspects Heroes and Heroines. I look up to them and want to be just like the strong, courageous people of the Force. They risk their lives for us everyday and selflessly give their lives trying ,odel keep our cities and countries and our world safe. So, that is my choice for my role model. They are more to me than the Officers you sometimes see behind the wheel of a patrol car, they are the men and women who keep us from harm and all of them are true heroes and heroines.

He is a Police Officer. His name is Joe. He is the best person to be around and to talk to. He's a great listener and helped me with many moeel my problems. To me, he is the best person in this world and the nicest Police Officer anybody could ever meet.

  • I just wanted to say that my mom is my role model for life.
  • The importance of being treated like an equal.
  • Till date I have won many swimming championships.

I couldn't thank him enough for everything he's done for me. I used to be essay on my father as role model. And because of him talking to me about consequences, I told him I'd be good FOR HIM. After awhile he made me realize I was only hurting myself by being the way I was. In the end I straightened up for myself. I realized reality, with and because of him helping me. I just wanted to ax him THANK YOU for everything you've ever done for me. I will never forget you. You will always be in my heart no matter how far apart we are.

Thank you sooo much "SUPERMAN"!!!! I'll mosel you the next time your working for Police. My Role Model By Lisa My role model here my grandpa. He has a lot to do at his old age 80's. My grandma has Alzheimer's and can no longer talk, walk, or feed herself. My grandpa is still working full time at his dentist office, and he doesn't plan on retiring any time soon.

Both my grandpa and grandma served in World War II that's how they essya. I don't think anyone could say that that qs a pleasant time, and I have a lot of respect for anyone in the military. After the war, he settled and had three kids including my mom. He now has nine grandchildren. I always think of how lucky I am that I can go to modsl house anytime I want.

He only lives three blocks away, while other people only get to see their relatives on holidays. No relatives of mine even live out of state. Kron I'd like to thank you essay on my father as role model all the guidance and help you've given me and the rest of my class. The Person Who I Long To Be Like by Melanie My friend inspired me to write this story.

That friend was my D. E officer and his name is Officer Corriveau. He is so nice.



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