Essay on my dream holiday trip


Extracts from this document Introduction MY DREAM HOLIDAY I am essay on my dream holiday trip of the holuday stuff staying in Europe, going to Spain or Portugal: Nothing different to offer, but my dream holiday is a place where they have their unique tradition, their amazing culture and their different lifestyle.

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Their amazing cuisines and their way of treating people and they country I am trying to say is-Dubai. This is the place, which has mesmerised me with its huge skyscraper and its indefinable luxuries.

This is the country, which has developed the most in the past decade. Dubai is the land, which has engraved itself with immense wealth, and this is one of the reasons why I have chosen it as my dream holiday. To start off it is a country, which offers all the luxuries of the world in your fingertips.

  • This archipelago consists of many exciting islands.
  • I would like to walk about the old city and admire the historical places of interest.
  • It is a country that has embellished itself with all the beauty of the world.

Middle What make Dubai my Dream Holiday are the spirit and the liveliness of the people. The special vibe makes you think that you are a part of them. England has an unpredictable weather system whereas in Dubai, the weather is all same through out the year.

Essay on my dream holiday trip

One of the reasons that Dubai is my favourite dream holiday destination is because of the weather. The sunray, which has the heat to create and destroy many peoples lives.

My dream holiday

I have chosen Dubai as my favourite Dream holiday destination due to several factors and one of the factors is the mind-blowing infrastructure they create. My next stop is the worlds second largest man made marina, which is known as the "Dubai Marina" It would be awesome to see peoples thought and design turning into an gigantic blocks of metal. Conclusion It would be crazy come all the way from Europe and have a burger in Dubai but exciting to essay on my dream holiday trip a few juicy and tender dates from the dates cluster and have it with the rich and dark gava black tea.

Then I would eat some yummy American food and shop like crazy. I would also like to learn how to dive. November 16 My Dream Holiday! The base, a cold, northerly wind, predominates in the winter, and the fen, a warm, dry south-easterly wind, predominates during the rest of the year.

More over it is not having exotic foods that excite me but when people all gather with others and enjoy their food from single plate that's when Dubai culture and tradition comes. The unique tradition of sharing with people whatever they have.

I would never leave the country without having a walk through the streets at night, where the water would show the reflection, of the bright and dazzling lights. Dubai is a magnificent place.

  • In where there is mixture of joy and sorrow.
  • The second place I would like to visit in Italy is Venezia Venice.
  • Paris the center of fashion where there are fashion boutiques and antique shops.

It is a country that has embellished itself with all the beauty of the world. It is the combination of all the things you need in a small place. It has its own unique culture and tradition.

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The liveliness and spirit and combing all together gives you the perfect equation for you Dream Holiday. The above preview essay on my dream holiday trip unformatted text Go here student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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