Essay on bihar of my dream


In India, there are rich, culture heritage, old civilization and vast knowledge in every aspect of life. It had endeared India and Indians even to the outside world. Our nation is a great development country by their talent and capability. We are proud to be an Indian.

Essay on bihar of my dream

Our India should be developed in an all right way, which we see in the dreams. Everyone should do the equal respect to all. India is much productive in nature like lands productive, which have the varieties of seeds and modern tools should use for agriculture.

It is the backbone of the economy. Dreamed India as corruption free In India, the corruption should avoid by the political system. It is a large problem in India, which creates the bad image of India. Our India should be the corruption free nation.

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Abolish of beggar system It is much important for complete the India as dreamed. The beggar system of India should remove for proper development of the Indian society. Everyone have to be aware of the Indian people. Behavior of government The action of government should be kn with the public.

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They have to consider as their duty to do something constructive for the nation. It will be continue reading helpful for every people if they will make the friendly manner.

As I called in mocha answered fream phone and yelled…. But I believe that languages need to be practiced otherwise one will forget them. It is in many ways necessary for a country like India to be insane and dream as it is a bigger crime not to dream than to dare to dream. There is bravery to face poverty. Time appears to extend beyond all dimensions. FY All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. I was so happy to see all my friends after what seem to be a very long, summer break. The population of Bihar is10,38,04,

Growth of Educational Institutional In the developing India, it is more in to make the large type of educational institution for carrying out the intelligent Doctors, Engineers, and Teachers. All should respect them. The educational drsam should not treat like the playground for dirty politics and corruption. Distribution of national income It is the every human right to get the national income in equal. It should if among every people. Proper employment facility Our dreamed India should do the right jobs for every people. The employment is the large demand for individuals because it is one of the important sources to get the basic needs in the life.

In our motherland, it is a basic requirement of every ordinary people. Jobs should be available for everyone on their aptitude and knowledge, not on the recommendations, in this country. Om of science and technology India such presents many of the science and technology and we also essay on bihar of my dream from this country, that progress of science and technology should not stop. essay on bihar of my dream

Essay on bihar of my dream

Rdeam of that, the Indian people are getting the new inventions. It should be scientifically and technologically advanced. It is great to dream of me that India should not believe in blind faith, which can build significant problem for all. It should avoid from the country. Pollution free Essay on bihar of essay on bihar of my dream dream In our India pollution should not take place and everyone should avoid it. Reduce that type of things, which can see more the pollution.

India should always stand on the top in every field.

Every Indian should participate for make to the India pollution free by planting trees. Respect for women ibhar elders India of my dreams also should respective in nature. Every human being has to do the respect of women and seniors. It is the great rite of the Indian society, and every person should follow it.

Cleanliness It is the great proverb that, cleanliness is next to godliness. In India everywhere should be cleanliness and hygiene make the beautiful and greenery country. It is the responsibility of every person to bring more cleanliness in the India. It is one of the great think to make the country as dreamed. Free country from terrorism It is one of the most significant problems of India make the India as imagined the terrorism should remove from here. India should be free from the terrorism. If it withdraws from India, then no any people will lose their dearest in Blasts.

Respects of religion Every people should step for make the country as dreamed and it should be wants of everyone. People have to love and regard to every religion, caste, and creed. Meanwhile, they belong from other religion, so they also have to respect other religion. Transportation system In every place of the country, the transportation facility should be proper. The transport system is also excellent in the India. Roads of the India should properly construct for safe transportation. Defense and security In India, it is vital to make the great defense and the safety for everyone.

Every people should have this ability to fight for their rights in the country. Almost girls should have the self-defense power to protect themselves. Freedom of expression Every people have right to freedom of speech and, they have to utilize it because it is more compulsory to express their problems with some judiciary. It declared in the human rights. Respect for farmers It is most important that the every farmer should be complied with by all, because they are the main subject of our lives, because of them we are getting the food.

So everyone should give to the respect to farmers as they are professionals. Growth of Indian arts and culture India of my dreams should be rich with heritage and culture, and it should excel in fine arts, handicrafts, sculpture, architecture, dance, drama, literature, poetry, music, and her vast knowledge of Vedas, Puranas, etc. The satisfy of the human quest for further knowledge and the betterment, welfare, and service of mankind. A great step by youth Fo of my dreams should mobilize our Indian young people to o and development of our Idol India and carry out activists for the betterment of the country.

Abdul Kalam thought should be followed by the every youth of the country. He was the right commander for making the India as the peaceful place. Unity in esay The Shabad Kirtan should unite India from bihr, Azan from mosques, Bajans from Temples chiming of the bells from Churches merge and mingle and produce a harmonious, melodious, spiritual tune, which should love by every ym being. India of my dreams will complete by all thoughts, which I have considered in content.

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