My favourite person my grandmother essay


For me, the most influential person in my life is my grandmother. She is a traditional Chinese woman. When I was a child, my grandmother had been blind since I was not born, but she is nimbler than most people. My grandmother took care of me when I was a baby. Although my grandmother is dead, I still miss her, because she taught more experiences to me and these have changed many things in my mind.

Therefore, my grandmother took care of me at home. However, I thought that my parents did not love me because they were not like other parents who stayed at home. I felt my life was lost color.

My favourite person my grandmother essay

Over some time, my character became lonely and shy. I thought that I would not have anymore changes in my life. However, my grandmother used something to change my thinking. One day, I was very unhappy and worrying about coming back home. When my grandmother knew that I was back, she cooked some dessert for me. But I did not want to eat anything. My visit web page was very worried about me and she asked me what happened. I told her that my teacher needed me to choose one story for speech in the classroom at next week.

I was worrying about it because I was a shy girl and I did not believe that I could do it. After my grandmother understood the reasons, she laughed at me. I felt so uncomfortable. Therefore, I made my favourite person my grandmother essay decision for this speech.

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For a while, my grandmother did not laugh again. She said that this was a good chance for me and I must essay to do it. I always did not want to talk about anything with her. Nevertheless, my grandmother still told one story to me.

My grandparents used to live in a small, beautiful town in East Africa for many years. My grandmother is very experienced in drawing. She has 10 children and 24 grand children! She supervises all-important jobs in the family. I love to eat her biriyani and cutlets. It is time for me click grow up and settle into the real world. She loves me very much.

When she finished source story, she taught me who had the confidences and bravery to solve this problem. After this day, my grandmother requested me, who told one story to her in every night. So I was successful to tell this story to my classmates in the classroom.

In this matter, I know that nothing is impossible. If I want to do anything, then I must be brave to do it. Because of my grandmother is teaching me, I changed shyness in my ,y and I was very happy for this change. I did not feel lonely again, because many children liked the story I told them, and then they wanted to play with me. My grandmother taught more experiences click here me.

Furthermore, she was a good grandmother because she knew that how to take care of me.

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For example, I felt very bad one morning. My grandmother touched my face, and then she said that I was sick and I needed to rest. I heard my grandmother because although my grandmother did not see anything, she knew more my favourite person my grandmother essay. At the night, I still felt very bad and I was afraid about my disease. However, my grandmother comforted me.

She took care of me. The next morning, I felt so good and strong. However, my grandmother was so happy to comfort me and she said that she was fine. At now, I think that my grandmother is a great woman.

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Because of my grandmother my favourite person my grandmother essay care. I know that many people need our help when they have trouble. I learned how to help those people from my grandmother. On the cold day, my friend and I came back home from school, we were very happy to talk with each other. Suddenly, my friend fell on the road and got hurt. I did not know how to comfort her because her knee was bleeding. I looked for other people, but nobody came.

I was very anxious and worried about her. At this time, I wanted to cry, but I knew that I could not cry because if I was crying, then my friend would be worrying about more things. Therefore, I tried to pwrson of some ideas to help my friend. All at once, I remembered that my grandmother taught me how to cure her wound. I went to comfort my friend.

She would rather do something to help another person be happy, than do something to make herself happy, which is amazing in the eyes of everyone around her. Nobody except yourself would keep remind you all the time. I love her very much. She has taken great responsibility in bringing me up in a healthy and disciplined way. Quest Published Monthly Quest My favourite person My favourite relative is my grandmother. My grandmother is an old lady. Is where I want to be with my self very soon.

At the same time, I immediately looked for one of medicinal herbs to cure her wound. In the end, I found the medicinal herbs to cure her wound, and then she did not cry. I was took my friend to go back her home. My friend and her mother said thanks for my help. When I came back home, I told to my grandmother about this.

  • There are several reasons that my grandmother is so important to me.
  • At night, she tells me stories.
  • My grandmother is a very nice person and now I am waiting to meet her in the next holiday.

She was so happy to praise me. At this moment, although I felt very tired, I was glad to hear about it. After this time, I understood why my grandmother taught me to help other people.

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My favourite person my grandmother essay, I had been deciding to help much more people. My grandmother has many roles in my life. Sometimes my grandmother is like a best friend, she would share most interesting stories to me. Sometimes my grandmother is like a rigorous teacher. She passed much knowledge from article source experiences to me, and she favourrite request me who must change bad behavior. Sometimes my grandmother is like a chef.

She could cook the most delicious food for me. According to my grandmother, I realize that my parents work in another place for our lives, and they love me very much. Therefore, I think that my grandmother is very important in my life. Furthermore, I believe that I do not forget her teaching forever, and I feel very happy to live with my grandmother Enter supporting content here.


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