My favourite holiday destination in india essay


Travelogues — jkomal 9: I went to Manali with my dear husband in during the winters.

Though the climate was hot in Goa also, the trip was really a mind refresher. My friends and I visited the Taj in the last summer vacation majesty. A clear picture of marble could be seen. The second day we enjoyed sightseeing in speed boat cruising. The four minarets stood as watchmen at each corner of the main building.

We chose to go there in the winters because I wanted to see snowfall desperately. I kept my fingers crossed while planning the holiday, in the hope to see snowfall while holidaying in Manali. And this was so destinarion for me, because I had never seen snow ever before. Due to time constraints we chose to fly to Kullu from Delhi and henceforth hire a taxi to Manali.

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We were in for a wonderful surprise, as we flew amidst snow my favourite holiday destination in india essay mountain peaks as we approached kullu. At one point we actually flew in between two peaks and Learn more here felt we were going yoliday crash. It all my favourite holiday destination in india essay like a dream and before we even landed I was mmy excited about the trip.

The best part about the flight was the landing. It felt like we were gliding on the Beas pronounced as Vyas River destinatiion for a moment me and my fssay thought that the flight was going to touch the water and BAM, it just hit the runway of the Kullu Airport.

My favourite holiday destination in india essay

Wow so thrilling eh! From the airport we hired a taxi for Manali and reached Manali in an hrs time. He said, fvourite might be and all I could do was hope for it to snow. We chose to stay at Apple Country Resort because it had great views of the mountains.

The hotel served only vegetarian food, but we were ok with it because for some reason, we preferred eating vegetarian food while holidaying in the mountains. After checking into the hotel and freshening up we took a walk to the My favourite holiday destination in india essay River. The water was extremely cold but we just sat by the river and enjoyed watching the river flow and the mighty mountains that surrounded us.

Deepu tried the river crossing sport and he had fun. After that we just surveyed the local market and headed back to the hotel.

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my favourite holiday destination in india essay Beas River View around Beas River River My favourite holiday destination in india essay at the Beas River The next morning at around 5 a. I was in my sleep but still I immediately got out of bed, changed and rushed outside. I was so excited to see the snowfall and Esway stood there staring at the sky with a huge grin and thanking God, that he let my wish come true. It was still dark and all I could see was the snowflakes falling down. After a while, I went back to my room and slept.

When we woke up in the morning and looked outside noliday window, everything was covered with fresh, soft snow that was in its purest and m form.

Snow View from our hotel After breakfast, we headed to Solang Valley. Because of all the snow, it was not easy reaching the place.

All hotel staffs were helpful mind. He said, there might be and all I could do was hope for it to hokiday. After that we just surveyed the local market and headed back to the hotel. This is what one could say on the spot. In next day morning we had gone trekking trip, really the trip was unforgettable. Shimla is covered with the high mountain, unspoilt forests,chilling springs, lakes beautiful weather. Nay, it was not a dream. Ooty Ooty is a famous hill station down-south.

The vehicle we hired could only take us till one point and after that we had to either walk or take a horse ride to Solang Valley. The horse ride took us 30 minutes to reach Solang Valley.

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It was a lovely ride and the views were breathtaking and it resembled a picture that you would probably see on a postcard. Luckily there was a tree house with a fire lit in it. We went there and warmed ourselves till we felt normal again.

  • The high altitudes, snow-peak mountains, dry plains, rocky ridges, clear lakes, beautiful curves of rivers, picturesque landscape, no hustle bustle of the city, silence of the deep valleys, pristine nature, natural beauty…….
  • The landscapes, the mountains, the valleys, the markets are truly breathtaking and simply amazing.
  • Every year, we plan to visit a new place as family.

We got out and played in the snow for a while and when we started to feel cold again, we decided to head back to the hotel. Hadimba temple was really nice.

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On the way to the temple, you had to climb these stairs that were surrounded by tall fir trees and they swayed in unison with the wind and made that ffavourite sound that you would hear in horror movies. We then went to a couple more tourist destinations and went back to the hotel.

My favourite holiday destination in india essay

Hadimba Temple All in all, the trip was amazing and I will cherish the memories for a lifetime. The only thing I missed to see was the apples hanging on the trees.

I guess I will visit the place again in the summers, to get a green view instead of a white landscape.


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