How to use quotes in essays examples


Explain the significance of the quotation. Your reader still needs your assessment of why the quotation holds significance for your hwo. With that message of hope and confidence, how to use quotes in essays examples new president set the stage for his next one-hundred days in office and helped restore the faith of the Ot people in their government. Provide a citation for the quotation. All quotations, just like all paraphrases, require a formal citation. For more details about particular citation formats, see the UNC Libraries citation tutorial.

In general, you should remember one rule of thumb: Esays general, avoid leaving quotes as sentences unto themselves. Even if you have provided some context for the quote, a quote standing alone can disrupt your flow. Take a look at this example: There are several ways to incorporate a quote more smoothly: Lead into exampoes quote with a colon.

Introduce or conclude the quote by attributing it to the speaker. If your attribution precedes the quote, you will need to use a comma after the verb. The Pirate King sees an element of regality in their impoverished and dishonest life. Interrupt the quote with an attribution to the speaker. Again, you will need to use a comma after the verb, as well as a comma leading into the attribution. The first phrase states that nothing is inherently good or bad; the second phrase suggests that our perspective causes things to become good or bad.

As click here decide whether or not you want esays break up a quote, you should consider the shift in emphasis that the division might create.

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Use the words of the quote grammatically within your own sentence. How much should I quote?

How to Use Quotation Marks

As few words as possible. Remember, your paper should primarily contain check this out own words, so quote only the most pithy and memorable parts of sources. Here are guidelines for selecting quoted material judiciously: Sometimes, you should quote short fragments, rather than whole sentences.

Suppose you interviewed Jane Doe about her reaction to John F. It was just unreal and so sad. It was just unbelievable.

How to use quotes in essays examples

I had never experienced such denial. Perhaps it was because JFK was more to me than a president. He represented the hopes of young people everywhere. You might instead want to quote Jane when she arrives at the ultimate reason for her strong emotions: Jane Doe grappled with grief and disbelief. Quoting the words quoes others carries a big responsibility. Misquoting misrepresents the ideas of others. John Adams hw often been quoted as having said: But if you see those words in context, the meaning changes entirely.

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Without religion, this world would be something not fit to be mentioned in public company—I mean hell. As you can see from this example, context matters! This example is from Paul F. A Quoted of Fake Quotes, Misquotes, and Misleading Attributions Oxford University Press, Use block quotations sparingly. There may be click when you need to quote long passages. However, you should use block quotations only when you fear that omitting any words will destroy the tto of the passage.

How to use quotes in essays examples

If that passage exceeds four hlw href="">click at this page some sources say fivethen set exanples off as a block quotation. Be sure you are handling block quotes correctly in papers for different academic disciplines—check the index of the citation style guide tl are using.

Here are a few general tips for setting off your block quotations: Set up a block quotation with your own words followed by a colon. You normally indent spaces for the start of a paragraph. When setting up a block quotation, indent the entire essahs once from the left-hand margin. Single space or double space within the block quotation, eexamples on the style guidelines of your discipline MLA, CSE, APA, Chicago, etc.

Place parenthetical citation according to your style guide usually after the period following the last sentence of the quote. Follow up a block quotation with your own words. After reading several doctrinally rigid tracts, John Adams recalled essays zealous ranting of his former teacher, Joseph Cleverly, and minister, Lemuel Bryant. He expressed his ambivalence toward religion in an letter to Thomas Jefferson: Adams clearly appreciated religion, even if he often questioned its promotion. How do I combine quotation marks with other punctuation marks? It can be confusing when you start combining quotation marks with other punctuation marks.

You should consult a style manual wuotes complicated situations, but the following two rules apply to most cases: Keep periods and commas within quotation marks. The main exception to this rule involves the use of internal citations, which always precede the last period of the sentence. Note, however, that the period remains inside the quotation marks when your citation style involved superscript footnotes or endnotes.

Take a look at the following examples: The student wrote that the U. In the second example, the exclamation mark remains within the quotation mark because it is indicating the excited tone in which the coach yelled the command. Un, the exclamation mark is considered to be part of the original quotation. How do I indicate quotations within quotations? If un are quoting a passage that contains a quotation, then you use single quotation marks for the internal quotation.

Quite rarely, you quote a passage that has a quotation within a quotation.

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In that rare instance, you would use double quotation marks for the second internal quotation. Quotds do I use those three dots. Whenever you want to leave out material from within yow quotation, you need to use an ellipsis, which is a series of three periods, each of which should be preceded and followed by a space.

So, an ellipsis in this here would look like. There are a how to use quotes in essays examples rules to follow when using ellipses: Take a look at the following example: For example, using the above example, you would NOT need an ellipsis in either of these situations: For example, if you quofes material from the end of a sentence, keep the period in as usual.

Even though they were out of breath, they made it on time. Sometimes it is necessary for clarity and flow to alter a word or words within a quotation.

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You should make such changes rarely. Here are a few examples of situations qquotes you might need brackets: Changing verb tense or pronouns in order to be consistent see more the source of the sentence. However, you could avoid the need for this change by simply rephrasing: Including supplemental information that your reader needs in order to understand the quotation.

In rare situations, you may inn from a text that has nonstandard grammar, spelling, or word choice. Using [sic] alerts your reader to the fact that this nonstandard language is not the result of hoow typo on your part. There is no need to put a period at the end. Do not overuse brackets! For example, it is not necessary to bracket capitalization changes that you make at the beginning of sentences. For example, suppose you were going to use part of this quotation: Works consulted We consulted these works while writing the original version of this handout.

Please do not use this list as a model for the format of your own reference list, as it uss not match the citation style you are using.

What is your interpretation or opinion of it? You should also be aware of block quotes. Quite rarely, you quote a passage that has a quotation within a quotation. There are several ways to incorporate a quote more smoothly: According to MLA guidelines, if you change the case of a letter from the original, you must indicate this with brackets. They how to use quotes in essays examples not substitutes for your ideas and they do not stand by themselves. When he hears Cordelia's answer, Lear seems surprised, but not dumbfounded. For more details about particular citation formats, see the UNC Libraries citation tutorial.

For guidance on formatting citations, please see the UNC Libraries citation tutorial. Barzun, Jacques, and Henry F. Colomb, and Joseph M. The Craft of Research. University of Chicago Press, MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.

How to use quotes in essays examples

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