How to bake a cake essay example


How to Bake a Cake Pages Pages: It will prove not only to be fun but very therapeutic. Having the right kitchen tools can make the experience more enjoyable. The proper mixer is a worthwhile link as it will make the baking experience much easier. The advantages to owning this type of kitchen equipment are worth the higher price. Mixing batters by hand or by using a hand held mixer may not always get the batter to the desired consistency. Good quality cake pans are equally important as they help to ensure that the heat is distributed article source throughout the wssay.

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A lesser quality cake pan may not achieve the desired result. Cloth foil wraps are needed to wrap around the cake pan. They typically cost twenty dollars for a pair and are an important part of the baking process.

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link The cloth foil wraps will keep the cake from rising unevenly while baking in the pan. As for the examplf utensils, common measuring cups, measuring spoons, rubber spatulas and mixing bowls found in any household kitchen are acceptable. A roll of parchment paper will be needed to line the cake pans. Cooling racks are also how to bake a cake essay example to place the hot cake pans on a counter top to cool after baking.

The most common ingredients needed to bake a cake are typical items found in almost any household. They consist of cake flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, salt, butter, eggs, milk and vanilla extract.

  • This process will tell the reader how to make a cake after the purchase of a cake mix.
  • Instructions regarding the butter texture must be adhered to strictly.
  • Gather all of our equipment and food items in the work area, organize them according to the order we will use them in making the cake.

There are substitutes for some of these ingredients if the original ingredients are not readily available. Some common substitute ingredients would be whole wheat flour blend or gluten free flour, artificial sweeteners or apple sauce and non-dairy or low fat milk. Understanding the personal diet restrictions of the people whom intend to eat the cake is a very important step in the cake baking process. Sometimes it is necessary to substitute the ingredients to accommodate the diet restrictions of people with diabetes, gluten allergies or lactose intolerance.

How to bake a cake essay example cannot enjoy a cake using normal ingredients such as cake flour and granulated sugar. Substituting a wheat flour blend and artificial sweetener ensures that a diabetic will not have any health consequences as a result of eating the cake.

Also it will benefit a diabetic if non-dairy milk is used.

How to bake a cake essay example

A person with a gluten intolerance cannot eat regular cake. There are more substitutions required for gluten intolerant person than a diabetic.

How to bake a cake essay example

Required ingredients could include: Some of the ingredients may need to be purchased at a health food store. To enjoy a slice of cake but avoid uncomfortable symptoms of lactose intolerance regular milk and butter would not be the ingredients to use. Changes that could be made to a recipe would be using rice flour, dairy or soy free shortening, almond or rice milk, and dairy free margarine. All of these substitutes can make a difference to the person enjoying the cake that was baked.

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There are a variety of tools to decorate and personalize your cake, from cake coverings such as fondant to specialized decorating elements, including gum paste and molding chocolate. Many of these require sophisticated skills, but many others such as, edible glitter and sprinkles can be applied successfully by any baker with an eye for color. There are other simple products that can be used in conjunction with edible glitter and sprinkles to achieve professional looking results.

Pre-made royal icing or gum paste flowers, for example, can be added to the cake with just a touch of butter cream. Royal icing flowers usually come in different colors, but gum paste flowers may need to be painted. There are different edible paints for cake decorating and most are simple to apply. Edible spray paint is very simple and will give the cake a professional touch that can be achieved by most. Using edible paints and luster dust on gum paste flowers can create a beautiful piece for the cake. Also, choosing the appropriate colors for the frosting can customize the cake for any occasion.

This can be achieved with gel paste which click here in a rainbow of colors. There are so many ways one could decorate a cake and make it look as if they bought it from a store.

This can be achieved with gel paste which comes in a rainbow of colors. Check on the progress every five minutes to ensure the cake does not burn. Transitions is important to make the paper flow smoothly. How to Bake a Cake Pages Pages:

Having the proper kitchen tools and utensils will ensure that the cake itself is mixed and baked properly. Since most of the ingredients are common to most households, the opportunity to make a delicious dessert is almost at your fingertips. Knowing the personal requirements of the people that you are baking for fo important because it will dictate the ingredients needed to please the crowd. Is this the perfect essay for you?

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