What does an academic essay consist of


The following is based on an original document by Bethan Davies with revisions by John McKenna, D. Robert Ladd, and Ellen G. Bard of the School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences at the University of Edinburgh.

Conventions of the Academic Essay

Eliminate rhetorical questions, or passive verbs such as was, were, is, etc, and make passive sentences active ones. You might include different types of evidence in different sentences. The part of a paragraph that helps you move fluidly from the last paragraph. Give yourself time to test for potential glitches of this sort. Obviously, an essay what does an academic essay consist of words will have a narrower focus and will require greater summarizing skills than one of words. We can call these the heart of a paragraph both in sesay sense that they give purpose to the paragraph and in the sense that they appear roughly in the middle of the paragraph.

You may already be quite comfortable writing essays and if so, you will have a definite feel for what works for you. The same applies to Section 3 on structure and Section 4 on style, but the contents of these sections can also serve as a basis for self-assessment—even for the experienced—before that final draft is submitted.

  • This can be slightly condensed, since we can, for example, introduce and provide evidence in the same sentence.
  • Do not write the information on the outline.
  • Use index cards and find similar information.

There is a checklist at the end—use it! You should pay special attention to Section 4. Others will be concise reports of experiments or descriptions of economic or other wgat. So make a rough timetable. Use the remaining days to review your work at well-spaced intervals. This will help you look more objectively at your own work. The whole process is very much an iterative one and you should expect to be writing more than one draft.

As you link what does an academic essay consist of to process your work electronically, editing and re-drafting is a relatively easy task.

The edges does an of essay academic consist what Paper Format

Possible options among many for getting started include: Make sure that you read the assignment sheet thoroughly and are sure about what it asks for before you start reading for the essay. While you are reading, bear in mind what sort of material you are looking for in order to address the assigned topic. Even if you do come across a lot of interesting material when researching for your essay, be selective. Remember that relevance does not only apply to the material you use, but also the way that you use it.

Summarizing each relevant research area for an essay does not constitute an answer: Part of what you need to learn consists of relationships among ideas. It is also a good policy to check your final draft with this in mind. Read each paragraph and ask yourself whether it addresses the topic. It is all too easy to drift away from the point. Structure and Content 3. All essays should have an introduction and a conclusion.

In a technical write-up, the order is often prescribed or logically dictated by the material e. But even in a technical write-up the introductory section may itself be like a mini-essay that aims to make a point. Obviously, the difficult part is working out what that order should be. In essence, an essay is an argument, so your structure should be based on the particulars of your argument. Imagine a reader, then try to predict their objections to your argument, read article then demonstrate why they are wrong.

Here you should summarize what it is that you have said in your essay, stating what your answer to the question is and why. Often, there is no simple answer which is why you are writing an essay, and not a two-mark answer on a class testso you should state what the complexities of the issue what does an academic essay consist of.

You may feel that you are repeating yourself, as the body of your essay should have made your argument clear already, but the reader will appreciate a good summary. You can still achieve originality in a number of smaller ways, such as making up your own examples rather than using ones straight from books, relating popular examples to your own experience, or perhaps trying to make new connections between particular viewpoints. This shows the person reading your essay that you have engaged with the topic and really thought about it, rather than just regurgitating what you read in the course textbook, or whatever.

Reading through some other books or papers in addition to, say, the two or three that everyone else is using, is also likely to help you to gain a wider perspective on the question you are studying. All published academic works contain bibliographies that can point you to other papers. Use the on-line library catalogue to search for the books held by the University Library. In some areas, the Social Science Citation Index SSCInow available from the on-line University Library via Web of Science, for examplewill allow you to search for any publication mentioned in the bibliography of any journal article.

It will also let you search for any publication citing your target article in its bibliography. In an Honours essay, you should look around a bit to see whether anyone else has already made an argument that you believe you have been the first to work out. Your Essay Supervisor will be able to direct you towards the right material. Each point you make should be supported by one or two good examples.

But remember that using an example is in itself not sufficient to support your point of view. Be explicit in stating why this example is good evidence of your argument. In the case of economic examples, you should also be very careful to make clear the context.

What does an academic essay consist of

Being able to analyze the various factors that can shape a particular situation is an important skill to acquire. Use this information to gauge the level of detail, and degree of coverage that is expected. Obviously, an essay of words will have a narrower focus and will require greater summarizing skills than one of words. Note that markers will penalize essays that are too long.

Keeping to the limit tells the marker that you understand what is important in your argument. For longer essays with distinct sections, you may consider using headed sections as in these guidelines. Doing so may disrupt the flow of the essay, however.

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For essays of less than words, it is unlikely that you will need to section. You may feel that a diagram could help illustrate a point.

This has the added effect of breaking up large chunks of text that can be subconsciously off-putting to the reader. But beware the added complexities involved in formatting your document if you incorporate the diagram electronically or the added time required to add a diagram by hand.

Be sure this is in the correct format many teachers and professors require you to use MLA format but ask first, assume nothing. Try to avoid writing paragraphs more than 10 or 15 lines long. Sentence or more that introduces or contextualizes evidence. You may already be quite comfortable writing essays and if so, you will have a definite feel for what works for you.

Some versions of the software available on public machines produce graphics that cannot be printed from other machines. Give yourself time to test for potential glitches of this sort. But there are some points that you should bear in mind. One of these points is that you are writing an academic essay, and as such, are required to use a reasonably formal style of writing.

This does not mean that you should "consist" obscure, or use impossibly long sentences with multisyllabic words, but you should avoid being overly colloquial. More importantly, you should: Make your essay easier to read by being explicit that word again! Be wary of convoluted syntactic structures—they might be fun to analyze, but they can be difficult to read.

Go for short sentences: Try to avoid writing paragraphs more than 10 or 15 lines long. Long blocks of text have a negative subconscious effect on the reader. Of course, points sometimes take more space to make, but if you find yourself writing a long paragraph, ask yourself: Imagine another student in your class. This should help you to be explicit about definitions and be helpful in relation to sign-posting. These are click to see more in the following subsections.

Use your own judgement: This is partly because the use of the first person is more necessary to describe the experimental procedure, but also, the use of the plural makes a statement of belief less a personal opinion, and more a collective viewpoint. Since your essay will be processed electronically, use the spell checker! For example, if an author has summed up their argument in one pithy phrase, then it might be worth repeating.

All quotations should always be referenced by author, date, and page number as exemplified below. In economics as in many other fieldsfootnotes are never used coneist to give bibliographic references. Footnotes should be used, if at all, only to add additional comments that stand well outside the main thread of the body of the text. At the end of the whar include a dows section listing alphabetically by author surname all the eessay that you have mentioned in the course of your essay. The purpose of a references section is off enable people to find the books and articles to which you have referred in aid if further study and to show clearly how your essay links to the relevant literature.

Unless you are told otherwise by the course instructor, use the Departmental conventions. Components of a good essay also relate to other communicative skills, such as giving talks or presentations. Good graduates are valued for their ability to communicate and express themselves fluently through the written word. Learning to structure an argument, summarize your sources, and improve your writing style now will stand you in good stead, long after you escape from the realm of the red pen! Is all cited material referenced? Are there any materials that you have not cited and should therefore be expunged.


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